Loth Excuse Story 2

Yves Jacques

Story written on the fly to explain the presence of a portrait of my boyfriend in my Loth gallery.

Pre-Angst Deshret

Angela Knoblock

Roan is the villain in another story I had going and he did some very bad things and is responsible for the deaths of many people. And here's Deshret before he got all angsty.


M. Okma

This rather depressing story came to me one summer night. It took me a while...but here it is the result of boredom, coffee, and to much free time!

Creature of the Night

Denae Hartmann

I wrote this about myself when I was questioning my sociality. (THAT'S MY WORD DON'T STEEL IT!!!)(>^.^)>

A world of broken wings

Uffe Olesen

A story about heavenly love build on the wrong premises

Dogs Trained to Kill

Benjamin Hayward

Litterally this story did not take me a year to write, but from the time I first sat down to write it to when I finished the short story over a year had passed. Once I finally finished the story I submitted it as a D&D story to Dragon Magazine for publication. Mind you I didn't expect it to be excepted and it wasn't, but as a quote that I keep hearing goes 'You always miss 100% of the shots you don't take.' Thats referring to basketball and perticipation, but it fits in nicely in this situation. Anyways, have fun reading my first major short story I ever wrote. And now I'll get on with writing the second one. Hopefully it will be excepted to Dragon Magazine, but you might hope the oppisite because if its gets rejected it goes up here and you would get to read it for free :P

Buying the Night

Kathryn Castle

Everything isn't enough sometimes. Personally, if I had the chance I wouldn't buy the night myself...it's way too perfect how it is. Or maybe I would buy it...then sell it for double the price...MWAHAHAA--*coughcough* Um, onward---

Rejected Love

Theo W Wallis

Dedication to an un returned love... (clarification) This is NOT a personal experience *glances at Damon*

Fate of Dragons: Chapter Four: The Apprentice

Tina Huynh

Livian, an old sorceress blessed with the gift of Foresight, forebades a disturbing predicament. With her health long diminished and her wisdom ignored by the rising powers, she struggles to reach the Elder Telluthirs. 'Something terrible will emerge from such trickery...' (Note: It was upon my friend, Iimmy's, request to name a mage, Spekkio, because that's his username/internet nick. Enjoy =p )

From Her to Him

Vilhelmina Ullemar

A girl writes a letter to the man she used to love. My twist on the popular vampire/human love theme - because sometimes it's just not meant to be.


Leah Cerveny

This is a short childrens fairy tale. The original form is illustrated book created with a combination of monotype and pencils. If I have time I will upload the pictures.

Social Butterfly

Chester Copperpot

Small little poem, not much to say really, loosley based on my sweet little sister

You Won't Be Mine

Anna Thomas

Introducing Nolryn, crown prince of Raykin. He's a nice boi, he is X3 Title is from the song of the same name by Matchbox 20, which is just so perfect for showing Nol's feelings about having been rejected by Nimay. Every single word of that song fits it, 'cept maybe 'curb'. Raykin doesn't have curbs. But that's beside the point. If you haven't yet figured it out, this story takes place the night following the day Nol got ditched. Poor boi *snugs him*

The Children of Darkness

Jonathan Turner

The leader of a band of children prepares himself for the ultimate test of his inner-strength, to see if they can go beyond and face the nameless spirits that call them.


Matthias-erich Born

a poem I managed to write on the spare time I had.


Jesper Angermund

Esther and Tiyli are two characters that i used to roleplay, Esther has loved Tiyli all his life but Tiyli has rejected him, until the day Esther lies dying in the hand of his love, this is what he tells her. And she holds her newfound love in her arms as his life slowly runs out... New Version

The Rejected Maiden

Kathryn Connor

Ralira fails in finding a husband in her home city. However, Fate has something else in mind for her, if she'll only go along with the plan.

Powers that Divide Chapter 7

Suzanne Collins

Della's welcome in the castle is uncertain, but help comes from an unexpected source.

A Simple Wish


This is a poem about a very powerful mage who no longer wants to be a mage. She wants nothing more than to give her powers back to the Goddess of the Moon, Lui'mari. She didn't realize what all was entailed when she joined the ranks of the Moon Goddess, and now it's too much for her to deal with.

The Court Jester

Melissa Wall

About acceptance and rejection, a jester and a king... Hope ya like. Illustration coming soon! =)