Adam J. Smith

I don't remember when I wrote this, or even where. But, here it is. This is based on something that happened to me, but I over did it in this poem/song Take a scroll down and looksee if you like. Language is a mite mild, but it's blanked out. You get the picture.

A Tempest?

Tiffany Conrad


Emma-Jane Smith

An odd... and slightly sad story. Have no idea where this one came from. But it's good to get back into writing!!! Enjoy.

The First Wolves

Colin Haynes

Creation Gods Earth Myth

Words (poem)

Esther Buhrman

It was very hard to write this, but I'm glad I got it out somehow...

Maybe it's Fate

Lor Steward

Cleo and Shado drabble of how much they hate that they love and hate each other. Lots of fun. Copyright to me, thanks.

Silver's Story: Liena and Silver

Katie Hallahan

Another piece of Silver's Story, this one is in the first person and from the point of view of Liena, Silver's mother. I got the idea from a Creative Writing class, and I really like how it came out. The setting is reunion of mother and daughter 20 years after Silver's silent banishment from her home village. Can Liena take her daughter back...?

After the Fall Part One

Emily Lacy-Nichols

Renaye Delani and her mother move into Renaye's grandmother's house after the old woman's death, but the house is much more than it seems and Renaye will soon have to fight against the dark power within it. Foreign words translated in the 'Dictionary of Foreign Terms' file.


Emma Kathryn

I love these characters. The girl, Tytia, is a soldier and the guy, Virgil, is a vigilante so their union is not taken lightly. I've already done another total kick-ass piece with these two. They're great characters. See this is what happens when I'm exposed to too much Final Fantasy stuff. I got a load of the anime music videos and I think this piece was very anime-influenced. I could see it playing out in my head all computer-generated with Never Let Go (see recommended listening) playing over it. Quite snazzy, I think. Okay I have a confession to make...I have now officially stolen both Devil May Cry names. I can't help it, I'm crap at coming up with guys names so I'm just...borrowing :-S them from the game. Ah to hell with it... Recommended Listening: Never Let Go by Josh Groban - great song. Very eerie

The Arsenal: Blood Ties

Jake Diebolt

Jeksin Muliere has ruled the Koyani Empire since he destroyed their dark god Desh Nikal during the Days of Blood. His adopted daughter, Ilyra, has always been close to him. But now she's sneaking out at night, and Jeksin needs to know why...


Kathy Schubel

A young man named Kaedyr learns the hard way what it truly means to be a half-elf. Short story.


Désirée Dippenaar

Sorry sorry sorry for being away so long! Zürich is not inspiring enough for writing fantasy I suppose... I've been writing more non-fantasy poetry lately, since I don't really have time for LyE or even short stories, and painting watercolours which aren't fantasy either... here, if you're interested.This poem is still from the time I was considering writing about immortality. Basically it's about the question: what would happen if an elf and human were married and then the human started aging obviously? Lots of possibilities for that, and it's quite fun exploring those. I might consider some of the other possible results. Here's a rather lovey-dovey one hehe.


Carly Williams

This is just a part of a much larger whole. Thank you Dave and Matt for the foundations of Rame and Courtney.


Shuo Chen

This was written under moonlight. Literally. I was supposed to be asleep then and so I didn't dare turn on any lights. Separated from a beloved friend by distance....


Laura Chase

A love is born from the dying rays of sunlight. Dedicated to the one I love...


Kent Cordray

A little poem we wrote several years ago and think is very good. Gilia is the one primarily responsible for it although we colaborate in everything we do. Let us know what you think!

Misadventures Two: Lies

Pamela Lehmann

This is the tragic tale of Tulomon Willenello and the beautiful elven maiden Ilanaliva Rilness. Anyone who's read book one will know about Iliva and Tulomon's doomed relationship. This story takes place just before book one, and the two books can be read in any order

The New Machine Part 3: Tough Love

Adam B. Ragg, or 'AdZ von Raggamuffin', or 'Adam Wragg, The Well-Known Typing Error'

The pros and cons of being a manufactured superstar.

Untitled-Chapter One

Hali Pinson

Audrey Payne is a born werewolf that must decide between her human life and her wolf life....yes this is the same Audrey from the teaser but i decided not to kill off her'lljust have to read and see what happens now won't you?

Unforgiven - Part 1

Mike Tierney

Ok, this is the beginnings of my story. It needs work, that I know, and I'm sure there are plenty of typo's to be found (I've since edited it in other versions, just not in this one). Read on...