A Distant Sound of Thunder

Brien Miller

This is a anthropomorphic science fiction novel I wrote between 1987 and 1992. It was submited for publication but was declined due to a 'soft market.' Ariake Arakya finds himself suddenly transferred to the regular navy after having commanded fast, long-range scoutships for many years. But his new command is rife with personal problems and troubles beset him from the outset. He must overcome the reluctance of others in the face of a coming war and ultimately lead his starship into murderous combat. World War II's Guadalcanal naval campaign was one of the historical inspirations for this story. The characters are all horse people.


Amalia Stankavage

before I went to meet a close friend of mine...I often pictured this scene...it ran through my head continuously(sp?)...I feared that I'd be left with no closure when I saw him, you see...so this is how I worked things out in my mind before I left... The actual goodbye was nothing as dramatic as this...nor was the visit itself...but that's another story.

College Dragons chapter 6

Michelle Appleby

Chapter 6 of the story. Kelsey is learning her history, but is everything good news? What are the secret messages and clues being dropped?

Iron Wing

taylor clark

the middle of this story came to me in an explosion of thought after seeing a drawing here on elfwood. I cant seem to find it again but ive drawn an illustration to accompany this story in hopes that the person whos image drove me to write this comes forward and identifies themselves.

The Demon Lord of the Earth part 2

Petr Sirucek

 Second part of my story.

Lilith's Rising

Amandah Giarratano

This is a story about three vampires on the run from a clan known as the 'Brood of Lilith' and searching for a person named Virgo Dragonriddle.What Virgo Dragonriddle is and isn't, no one seems to know. Lilith is searching for Virgo Dragonriddle because she had many questions on what she is that only he could answer. On the search, she meets up with two former members of the 'Brood of Lilith', Alexis and Tristen, who are being pursued by the members for certain reasons. In English class, we had to write a story in first person, something I've never before. This is my try at it, and I liked the how plot line I had going so I decided to contuine on with it. ^.^

angel eyes

taylor clark

i wrote this while thinking of someone very dear to me. he didnt die, but the relationship did.

Aeamon - Prologue

david adamczak

just a brief description of scientific fact and theory and how it realtes to humanity

Prince Malek's Gift

Kelli Armstrong

It is Victoria's birthday and her brother gives her a gift and some advice...

Protectors part five

Lydia Fleming

Tada!!!!!!!!! *grins* Appearance of the bard. Gotta love bards...


Carly Williams

I did this for my creative writing class at the University of Oklahoma. The professor panned it because (and I quote) 'Science fictions is not real literature.' I like it and so did the class. Who cares what the prof thinks anyways? I want to know what you think.'The cure for all ills and wrongs, the cares, the sorrows and the crimes of humanity, all lie in the one word 'love.' It is the divine vitality that everywhere produces and restores life.' --Lydia Maria Child

College Dragons chapter 5

Michelle Appleby

Chapter 5 of the story. Kelsey is starting to get answers but the more she gets the more questions she has. And this mysterious painting, what is it really?

Protectors part six

Lydia Fleming

Hello! Drama drama drama... Let's have Saylin's powers go out of control shall we? *spins around in circles* It's a little late for me to be awake... *laughs*

Your Foreign Touch

Frances James

 the novel opens with Lowely, aged nine, and shows his mother after her first session of chemotherapy. It then jumps fourteen years into the future, where the two main characters Lowely and Rousseau are hunting aliens, but instead they discover an alien egg. 

Thicker Than Water


This is the beginning of a dramatic story that I am writing called Thicker Than Water. The beginning is always the hardest part for me to grab peoples attention with.

A Dragon's Princess

Jennifer Simmons

Yet another work in progress This story is really a reworking of an online roleplay between my Dragon and I, Lina and Sahiv's meeting and the start of there most unusual relationship, and the trials and tribulations they have to go though because of it. It will make a very  good read when done, at least I think so anyways. I'm taking the log and transcribing it into story form, adding more details here and there and putting  a good lot of it into my own style. It's going to take a while to do but I hope you like what I've done. again Spell check has been run but grammar and punctuation check hasn't.