What a Superhero Thinks About at 3 a.m.

Sean Daily

Even superheroes feel the weight of years in the false dawn. One of my favorite poems.

Remember me (poem)

Mary Harrison

Another poem. Kinda morbid, but who cares?


Lauren Christine

I was in a rather depressing mood when i wrote this... And as a result it's a rather depressing story. But it has a neat little twist at the end that i think you might find interesting.

Midnight Ramblings - Remembering to Dance

Stephanie Law

I used to write things like this every couple of days. My 'midnight ramblings' I called them because more often than not, that was exactly what they were. They're more poetry than prose -- attempts to capture a thought, an emotion, or just some fleeting concept. I feel that they are fantasy in a way because they touch on magic, and an otherworld....


Asah Cramer

Just a wierd little poem...I have no idea where it came from, no idea where its going, no idea what it's doing in existance....who knows?

The Times of Past

Eric Ford

This is the first serious poem I wrote. As one loses happiness, he can only hope for the better days of the past....

Memories of Magic: Part V Memories of Something Lost

Diana Moon' Schmuckal

I give a lot of information in this chapter. There is still more to come, but if you have any questions about what is said, feel free to ask.


Andrew Tucker

Another of my poems. This one is one of my favorites, and the reason I haven't posted it before is that it was hiding right at the bottom of my achives.

I remember...

Helen Lee

Some things...we never forget...

I Remember You

C. Seidel

This is what happens when I don't want to work and have strange lyrics running through my mind! Poems emerge from the chaotic darkness that is my brain...Mwuahahaha! *ahem*

*You will remember*

Julie Lebeau

This is one of my fav. so far...


Cathin Yang

This is some poem I wrote, why, I can't remember. But the poem is basically a dragon is remembering a battle she fought in that resulted in a major injury.

Dust of Ages

Melissa Pence

Why do we take away our own legends?

25 things for a cow to remember in a Vampire Tavern ~story~

Erica Martin

Ever wondered what would happen if a cow entered a Vampire Tavern? ^_^ My character saved a cow's life one day, and he's became her pet cow ever since. This is a few pointers that I came up with, with RJ's *~*Mr. Cow*~* help. Keep these in mind if you ever have a campaign that inculdes vampires and cows.

I'll Think Of You

Eric Ford

Another poem of love. I suppose this is something good to read whenever your true love has gone for awhile, it keeps up the hope that they'll be back.


Rachel Hassett

Yet another poem from Avalon's perspective, remembering a more unfortunate point of her childhood among the fae.


Holly Becker

A shipwrecked woman is cast on the shores of a deserted island. There she discovers something completely unexptected. If artists are allowed to put up sketches, writers are allowed to put up writing exercises, right?