Ellen Bowden

Second story in the Gaelle Series, it's longer than the first one, but it goes more 'in depth', I think. We meet a new character.


Kathryn Gromowski

A mercenary-assassin who hates magic has been called back to his childhood home (which is a completely pacifistic society in a war-torn world) to complete a task for the monks who raised him, which involves penetrating a sorcerer's lair to rescue the most magical being in the monk order. Sounds like fun, ne? Uploaded on: 5/3/08

In the Lair of Morvious

Allison Miller

This is the introduction to my character known as the Dragon Knight. It was originally supposed to be the beginning to the second story in my Dragon Knight trilogy, but the plans for the story line changed. This particlar event was just too awsome to scrap, however. If you wish to learn more about Morvious's past, then you must wait till the Dragon Knight Chronicles Book 1 is finnished

Chapter 2

Acacia Brovedani

Leishandra begins her flight away from Corin and towards something new....

Child of Eidolon. Chapter 1 - Rescue

Isabelle L Davis

Following on from 'Unforgiven'. It may help to have read that first but it's not essential. The Daemonslayers come to the rescue of a stricken hunting party under attack by evil Shadow Rider demons. But their good deed drags them into more than they expected...

The Dragon's Mistake

Lauren Harden

Inspired by a FARP article on originality. From there I got the idea of a male dragon hostage, and then I added a sprig of MxM romance. You know, just for fun. Don't like it? Don't read it.

Chapter 12, Battle won, but what of the War, pt 1

Melissa O´Dowd

The aftermath of the Attack

Hall of Lorin

Jillian Kielo

This is a dumb story I wrote. It is a story (one of many) that tells tales of Kings in the lineages of these lands.

Meet the Amazons, IX

Katherine Burt

Is anyone else impressed with Diana? If you're not yet... You will be. She's my kind of princess. But wait, there's more...

Kava 1: Well Met

Katherine Burt

Originally, this was just going to be a short story. But it refused to stop... Now it's become a five or six part monstrosity that I enjoy. A little more stereotypical in its feel than most of my work, but with my own edge. In other words, you'll probably know the end halfway through the story, but hopefully you'll sill have fun getting to said end.

Meet the Amazons, X

Katherine Burt

Meet the Amazons is coming to a close, with just one more chapter after this. Never fear, another story with the Amazons will be hot on its heels. Hopefully. Here we have a heroic captain, a bunch of damsels in distress, and much more to contend with.

The Spell

Tim Veselka

This is a fairy tale like story about a prince and princess and some old hidden enemies.

The Encounter

Michael Barry

A short battle between an unknown Beast, and an unnamed traveller.

Third Wave

Melissa Shekeira' Hartman

With the Second Wave trapped as well, with no where to go, it now comes to the efforts of Third and Fourth Waves to put and end to it all. Follows the trail of Third as they make their way to the mountains.

Shadow-Dancing, Part 3: The Search

Rachel Armstrong

Ugh. I hate exposition, but it had to come in somewhere. Oh yeah, and I take it back, because I forgot about this particular subplot . . . it's part 4 that's really long, and this is the last part for a long stretch in a flashback-free zone. By the way, if you think Melar's a sexist pig, that's perfectly okay, he is. Just because he's a secondary protagonist doesn't mean he's completely likable. ^_-

Marie Raven

still a bit rough, but the story part of it is finished. not the most cheerful thing i've written, but i did put a lot of work in to thos one

This Place

Nicolei Arnold

Innocence is not justice, and the price of assumption can sometimes cost more than you know.

After the Piper

Zania Marais

Well I somehow managed it again, a short story that is. This is indirectly inspired by the story of the Piper. Directly it was inspired by a song, 'Whistler' by Demons and Wizards. Gorgeous song!I've read and reread it but I probably missed a number of errors. Also I know the grammar in a few parts are bit...shall we say 'interesting', but I couldn't think of another way to phrase it.

Battle Against Prodigal

Joshua Price

I original wrote this story in 2004, the exact date I don't remember, probably late spring or early summer. Then I finally decided to rewrite it on 1/16/07, almost three years later, just so I could compare the styles and see how much I've improved. And I'd say, quite a bit. However, the story is still non- canonical. And, since it is, I went ahead and reverted Josh's (aka Isaac these days) Phoenix Knight (aka Dominion Guard) uniform to its '04 style rather then use the canon version. And no, I'm not saying he always wears his uniform, just when he is on duty, like any other soldier. Below is the heavily revised version. I still have the old one, but it will no longer be displayed on Elfwood. It can still be found on my webboard (see homepage link on my main page), albeit to members only. Though it may be in your best interest to avoid reading it, its bad. Also to note, the story and plot is still the same, which, in my opinion, isn't very good. If I wanted to compare plots, I would have just written a new piece rather than rewrite an existing, non-canon one. Update 10/12/07: Minor update. Since I've changed Josh's name to Isaac to keep people from think that he is me, I'm changing it in all stories he appears in. That way nobody gets confused...

The Legend of Taur

Joshua Price

This is a sequel to A Fate Worse Than Death. It is highly advised you read it first!  When I wrote this on 8/3/06, it was my longest piece ever, though now it regularly gets beaten by posts I make while roleplaying. Part of that length comes from a very long prologue to describe events occurring between its prequel story, A Fate Worse Than Death. I wish I could do without it, but its necessary to avoid confusion. This story also finally introduced Varus Dragonfire into my short fiction, which is ironic since he is my longest existing character to date. When I wrote this it was my intention to start on my novel afterwards. So, therefore, I put quite a bit of practice into dialogue and passive characterization, both of which I've gotten pretty good at. In fact, I already knew passive characterization before hand, I just didn't realize it. But anyways, I didn't start my novel after this. If I recall correctly, Real Life™ decided to give me a few swift kicks to the rear, preventing me from starting. I'm actually glad I didn't, it'll turn out better and I've improved the planned story quite a bit. An additional note to delay you in getting to the story: though Fated Destiny is also a sequel to A Fate Worse Than Death, it has no significant relationship to this piece. Failing to read F.D. first will have no detrimental effects upon your enjoyment or displeasure with this story.Update 11/17/07: Fixed the spacing, and changed some names to prevent confusion with other stories. Namely, Josh is now Isaac, Blade is now Varus, the Phoenix Knights are now the Dominion Guard, and the Atma Warriors are now the Crimson Legion.Note 2/15/10:  After rereading this story in considering updating it canonically, I decided that, to fix it, I'd have to scrap huge, huge chunks of it and rewrite them completely.  Therefore, I've decided to leave this story as is, typographical errors and bad writing included, and not update it.  I'd be too tempted to fix everything out of date with it, which would lead to a complete rewrite, which in turn would probably become out of date entirely again later.  That's what I get for writing important scenes long before my novel writing even nears them.Besides, I kind of like the more traditional fantasy feel it has (ignoring the sci-fi bits) rather than the more realistic fantasy spin my universe currently has.  To update this piece would be to lose that.