Godlike: Consequence

Amanda Rosberg Olsson

This is about an elven girl who has something terrible happen to her and wakes up in a research facility. I am proud of this one.

Truth is a Whisper05

Colleen Klockow

Now a member of the High Council, Tarek finds himself left alone with more freedom than he would otherwise have known what to do with. However, there is that lingering order from the voice in the mountains to do some rather shady research...Comments and critiques <3fully accepted:)

From the Desk of Dr. Adon

Sarah Crouch

A journal entry written by Dr. Joseph Adon, a character from NeoGenos.

The Mystery of the Missing Orc Women. Chapter 4

Ed Edwardius

Larius has his extract for the orc love potion; now he just needs to get back to his village.


Jennifer OConnor

Something I wrote for writing club at school. It's not great (by a long stretch) but I like the idea of setting things on fire *grins evily* UPDATE: Written ninth grade. VERY long time ago.

Legend Journals: Diha and Sakara

Allison Cassel

A little writing exercize, mostly pre-planning of the two civilizations. The designs have changed, but it's an interesting read, and can sit here until I find the file I originally planned to upload.

Aliens Among Us

Maya Hirschman

Written at least three years ago with occasional edits since, this story is based on the real-life musings of a one-time boyfriend.

Tales of the Wolf Guards, 'Way of the Wolf' Part 2

John sharp

After his adventures, Mr Kane and company follow the clues to a remote location and find information on a previous unknown threat.

Tales 2a: Gallium

James Wyatt

Chapters 1-4 of the second instalment of Tales From The Border World. News of the events on Sontier has reached the civilised centre of the galaxy, turning relations between the two superpowers Verge and Xentech decidedly chilly. Meanwhile, in a research lab on the Xentech-owned world of East Station, a group of scientists has discovered a very interesting artificial intelligence indeed.