And in Death

Danielle Doerr

This is the prologue to a story idea i've been playing around with- It's a what if story-What if vampires existed-ruled the earth-and could withstand daylight? What if humans were only slaves and food? In my prologue i introduce the two main characters of the story, Reigne and Hannah.

Untitled 1

Kevin Donnell

As of yet untitled. This story is one that has three parts to it. Each part is independent of the other, and follows the same patterns. The characters never meet, as they all exist in three separate times. Chapter 1, 442 AC introduces us to the first of the main characters. He is a gnollen named Damik, he was raised by humans, and brought back into the fold of the gnollen. Wanderlust is stirring in his heart, and this part describes his clan and how he leaves.

Burnt Earth ch. 4: Zaal

Erik Hansen

We meet Zaal, heir to the agross Armada.  He has a nasty disposition towards humanity as well as his father.

Burnt Earth ch. 1: Vultures

Erik Hansen

Cobar leaves his hovel in the desert to search for meat, but finds something he did not expect.

And in Death Chapter 1

Danielle Doerr

This is chapter 1 of my story-read the prologue before you read this!! In this chapter we get a glimpse at our main villain.

The Faithful

Emilie Finn

I meant to write a nice little short story for Christmas. Instead the Brats sprang into my head, and the entire town of Traderston took the story and ran with it! The result is a fairly complex look at the Lauralian resistance movement under Arcanian rule. Set before events in The Restoration. For my Godsibs.

The Persuaders - Chapter 2

Laura Lange

There once was a boy called the Damien who didn't want to be part of the war in the Transrune. But soon he found himself entangled in it anyway. This is the second chapter in “The Rise and Fall of the Persuaders – A Story of the Transrune”.

The Persuaders - Chapter 4

Laura Lange

There once was a girl called the Natalie who lived two lives - one as the good, rich Draygon girl and the other as the head of the Persuaders. This is the fourth chapter in “The Rise and Fall of the Persuaders – A Story of the Transrune”.

Burnt Earth ch. 2: The Law of Necessity

Erik Hansen

After finding the human girl, Cobar brings her back to his shelter.  Her fate rests in his claws.

Hope 1 - Last Hope

Amy Wilson

the srory of a man with no memory waking in a world ruled by anouther race

Different Worlds (EDITED)

H Leonard

Worlds is the longest piece of fiction I've ever typed, and finally here it is edited. I took advice, reduced the amount of perspectives, fixed to the best of my abilities the shifting tenses and altered an awful lot. The plot remains the same as it was though. Any input would be greatly appreciated, especially about the shifting viewpoints and peoples opinions on if this is an improvement over the last version or not (don't worry if you haven't read the original please still look this over and comment) The world is one ruled by women with psychic powers, where it is the turn of males to be persecuted. A world where the prophecies foretell of a chosen one who will throw off the shackles of opression, a man with the powers of a woman who will bring about great changes. Here begins the tale... (which incidentally is continued in Other Worlds)

Sapphire Eyes Part Seven: A Forced Escape

Athene Grele

I'm not all to pleased with this chapter's title, but oh well.... It's acurate, at least. Note: It picks up RIGHT AFTER the last chapter, so unless you've JUST read the last chapter, the beginning of this one ain't gonna make sense. Enjoy!

Sapphire Eyes Part Five: An Unexpected Visit

Athene Grele

Duhduhduh...... *eerie music*

Blazing Knight (Part I)

Martin Figar

The first story in the trilogy of 'Blazing Knight' stories. People with supernatural powers known as Affected are being hunted down and captured out of pure fear. The time to set them free has arrived.

The Forgotten Legacy(P2)

Daniel Lix

Raye 'Hunter' Austen, a corporate trained field agent is teamed together with the cybernetic field agent known as 'Tiny' and the enigmatic man in the suit dubbed 'Smith' for their upcoming assignment against the resistance faction known as the Stone Forge.

The Persuaders - Chapter 3

Laura Lange

There once was a well organised Persuation Network, and this is how it worked. This is the third chapter in “The Rise and Fall of the Persuaders – A Story of the Transrune”.

The Faithful III

Emilie Finn

The conclusion.

All Worlds

H Leonard

This is Part 3 of Worlds. Read, comment, enjoy. (Please). Hopefully I'll get it edited by the end of this year. Part four is in the process of being written. Comment and it may happen faster.

Other Worlds

H Leonard

This is the companion story to Different Worlds, it stands on it's own quite happily, though is probably best read after you've read DW (which contains more in depth background information than this). For those who don't know, Other Worlds is a sci-fi story, based in a world where women rule, men are their pawns and the internet is sentient. Thanks very much to A for her constructive comments, and for proof-reading this. There are a few embarassing spelling mistakes (especially near the end) which I'll do my best to remove in my next upload (which should be next week) Hope you all enjoy.

The Halfblood (Chapter One)

T. Smith

Not a very creative title, I know. This is sort of just a beginning I'm planning on developing into a story eventually. It's hard to give it a summary though. Basically, there's something of a war going on about a century into the future of our world. There are new creatures, monsters, etc. A girl is fighting with the resistance against a tyrant that has brought Man to its knees, and a humanoid creature most would call a monster searches in painful hope for a place to belong, outcast from even his own kind because of his mixed blood. Saved from otherwise certain death by this girl and her friends, he faces the option of either helping them, which goes against nearly every rule of his kind, or spending the rest of his life barely surviving on the edges of society. What no one knows is that his decision will affect the future of humanity, and ultimately, the world. Choose wisely, young one.