The Sidhe Revenge- prologue

Daniel Rehbehn

Everyone knows the myths about the mysterious race that once inhabited Ireland and how they disapeared. What would happen if they came back?

Dark Designs

Alex Cupo

Very short short-story

Shattered Trust

Vincent Roland

Note from me:(I'm thinking of continuing it, any suggestions?) In the Kingdom of Kiya all was at peace but that was not to say the King was good...

Dark Arrow: Prolouge

Christa Bigelow

Polsar is an elf caught in the midst of a trap of murder since he was young. Adriana is an outspoken, young woman who is trying to escape an arranged marriage to a Prince she does not love. When the two meet a series of events happen that change their lives forever. In this story of love, destruction, revenge, and hope there are surprises at every turn.


Garon Whited

Justice doesn't die.

Freedom Fighter

Gendou Knepper

This, like many of my stories, is based on a bizzare dream I had one night . . .

'Loyalty, Honor, and Love'

Betsy Johnson

Love is an unpredictable thing... you never know when it will come, or who you will fall for...

The captive, Part 2

Tomas Lindahl

This is the second part of my short-story featuring the mysterious character Cort. (NOTE: edited to exclude wierd formatting issues)


Brenda Dale

Men believe they know the decree of their gods. Perhaps the truth is they should not interprete the gods' will without their conscent. This story is about a place where the gods have required maiden sacrifices. The true form of the gods could not be farther from the truth.

Luke's Story Chapter 2 - The Beast Within

Nicole Byers

This is the second chapter of Luke's Story where he begins to be affected by the vampire within him. After having an 'accident' at the school, he soon turns into a wanted fugitive. This is where his hate and want for revenge begin to take root.

Lukes Story - One of the Three Will Die

Nicole Byers

This is the chapter where things start to get a bit serious...and as you can see, one of the three characters 'dies'. Mwahahaha!

Luke's Story Chapter 5 - Starting a New Life

Nicole Byers

This is when Luke gets his new apartment and begins starting his new life as a full fledged vampire. A bit boring, but usually all stories have their boring parts. ~.~

Luke's Story Chapter 3 - The Demon Inside Realized

Nicole Byers

This is where Luke finally gets his first taste of being a true vampire....literally. Also, he has a strange dream soon after...or is it really just a dream...?

Empathy Part 3

Alia Jory

LOTS of fireworks, and Rial and Kynthia acquire something along the lines of textbooks.

For King and Country - Prologue

Andreas Fog-Morrissette

The very first thing I ever wrote on For King and Country. Opening scene showing the bad guys, and their nefarious plotting ; ) I've read and corrected this chapter so many times, I can't see the errors/weak points any more, so constructive help on that will be much appreciated.


Anne Vea

This is a story thats a little unusual, i do not write this kind of modern fantasy but the idea just popped into my head one day and i had to put it down on paper. The story is about a boy with a big problem and the strange way in which his problem is solved. It includes a beautiful woman, a weird shop and some forgotten magic, it was inspired by a horror novel i once read, i hope you'll all enjoy it !

The redeemer

Anne Vea

This story was inspired by a song, 'Undead son' by the finnish metal band Tarot from their last album ' suffer our pleasures' If you like true metal it's a must. The essence of this story is that a hero is someone who does what he has to do no matter if he is scared and confused. It turned out to be a rather dark and ' gothic' story. Perhaps even too dark in a way, but it almost wrote itself. Just as with the story ' Between fire and ice' it is a little linked to the novels i am writing on. Enjoy!


Penelope Weaver

Odysseus' thoughts during the fall of Troy

The Gemstone Council - Diamond

Kelly Crawley

An introduction to one of the members of the Gemstone Council, Marigoth Kenspie, who seeks revenge upon those who, in her mind, have wronged her. In order to facilitate her revenge, she has turned to the dark art of necromancy.

Snapshot of My World

Jonelle Edwards

A story written for my Senior English class. It's a little snapshot of the life of Allena Dartin, the main character in the Hunt for the Arcea Stone series.