In the Tiger's Eye

Dalyn Walton

This story is a combination of political intrigue/underground revolution and a month or two of a writing class. I've noticed my writing style has changed dramatically, for better or for worse I have no idea.

A Man of Honour

Deborah Cullins Smith

Herscher Project # 8 was an alternative history. I chose to write about Benedict Arnold, whose name has become synonymous with traitor. During the American Revolutionary War, Benedict Arnold was one of our greatest heroes. But one decision changed his life, his reputation, and the course of history. I've written a tale about what might have happened if he had taken a different path.


Erin Bankhead

Ayrie takes her new companions to Culruch, where Brannoch learns the truth about his identity.

The Change

Pete Anderson

'A short abstract reflecting a political view mixed with fantasy.' - Description by Elfwood Writer, and close friend of mine, Carla K. Anderson (no relation).

Rise of the Sha'noon: Cycle Three

Pete Anderson

In the aftermath of the previous day's massacre the Nordya must deal with an increasingly hostile and paranoid Li Ni'ya. It seems that the Moon and Sun have abandoned both sides, and a major theme opens...

Rise of the Sha'noon: Cycle Five

Pete Anderson

The fourth dawn is here in all its crimson glory.

Rathe 2

David Callen

The next chapter in the story 'Rathe.'


David Callen

Chapter 7 of Rathe

The Path of Ascension chapter 2

José López Vega

Strange things start happening around the boy Alros. As all of his homeland boils in the turmoil of internal strife, will he be able to stay safe?

The Path of Ascension Chapter 4

José López Vega

As the flame consumes the desert city, so is young Alros's life left to lie as still as ashes as he must now embrace his new life, but will he survive it?

Untitled 1

Kevin Donnell

As of yet untitled. This story is one that has three parts to it. Each part is independent of the other, and follows the same patterns. The characters never meet, as they all exist in three separate times. Chapter 1, 442 AC introduces us to the first of the main characters. He is a gnollen named Damik, he was raised by humans, and brought back into the fold of the gnollen. Wanderlust is stirring in his heart, and this part describes his clan and how he leaves.


Kori Lynn Bolton

This story is like my baby. I have been working on it forever. It has just recently found its way into writing, however, and I am somewhat unsatisfied with the results.

Dialogues in Fantasyland IV - the Revolution

Noora Peura

Some more Dialogues in Fantasyland. See 'Dialogues in Fantasyland, part I' for description.

Raider 05: Willy the Cat

Richard Lorenz

The hero gets a name and a meal, but not a haircut.

Wanna Be a Martyr of the Revolution -- Scene One

Crystal Huneycutt

Opening sequence from my story 'Wanna be a Martyr of the Revolution.' In the distant future, discrimination centers around the purity of your genes. Those who are of mixed breed -- the Hybrids, the half-breeds -- are subjected by the power and the public. They are without emotions, without hope, without future, and yet there must be some reason why the power fears them so...

Rise of the Sha'noon: Cycle Eight

Pete Anderson

The poem enters its second major part: The Crimson Tear (the first one was called 'The Rose of Ladark'). The gloom of the Forest of Baruk is cheerful in comparison to the devistation of Ladark. Atleast here your greatest fear is a giant jaguar...

Rise of the Sha'noon: Cycle Two

Pete Anderson

The plot is still developing, Li is falling deeper into a power hungry rage, and the Nordya are able to band together to see him. Sadly, as we see in Cantos VI, sorrow prevails. The city is still confined to the city of Ladark and it's dark, brooding feel increases as the epic goes on. The Epic is called 'The Rise of the Sha'noon' more to come later as I transfer it to HTML coding (any tips will be helped)


Elizabeth Dehn

Not Finished! revolutionaries, romance, and extraordinarily large and beautiful hats. Who could ask for more?


David Callen

Chapter 4 of Rathe

Warrior (Parts I, II, & III)

Andrew Rice

A short story about a true warrior's involvement in a revolution of cowards, a revolution aimed at the destruction of such morals and lifestyles as true warriors lead. Definitions: kai-rek - A style of the katana taught only in the northern mountains. It is a style that holds magic within its mystical moves. There are very few masters of this style.