Three Visually Challenged Rodents: Another Nursery Rhyme Story

Erin Luce

In searching for accurate lyrics to the nursery rhyme, 'Three Blind Mice', I came across a website which gave not only lyrics, but also historical origins of this and quite a few other nursery rhymes. Apparently this rhyme refers to three rebellious nobles (the mice) who were burned at the stake by the queen (the farmer's wife). I can't help but wonder why small children would want to hear about such things as a nursery rhyme, so I have come up with a story behind the rhyme that hopefully is somewhat more pleasant, although I did take inspiration from the whole fire idea.

Poem: Last Dragon

Jenny Watson

This came to me at different times. So it seems a bit choppy. Anyways my poor poor dragon Tony... *sniff*

Decision: Poem

Jenny Watson

Created on a spur of the moment for a dear friend of mine while viewing her artwork.

Poem: Life Unwanted

Jenny Watson

Eek. i think i deleted the old version by mistake. Anyways if you think being royalty is the easiest and happiest life to live your wrong.... extremely wrong.

Rantings of a Vampire

Jennifer Watkins

It was supposed to be a sonnet, but I didn't write enough lines for it. But I believe it is in iambic pentameter.

Prayer for My Friends

Mira R. Horsky

I wrote this while I was feeling lonely. Don't worry, it rhymes!

Elven Home

K. Loesel

A poem written about Elves

The Place of the Wind-Weaver: The Prophecy

Charlotte Johnson

This is the beginning of the story 'The Place of the Wind-Weaver' (working title)and it is much like a prolouge, or a preminition, in rhyme form.

An Angel's Tear

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Just a short poem

He They Did Call Lazy

S. M. Glore

Short poem done for studying rhyme and form, about a poor lazy dragon

~ Water Protection Rhyme ~

J. Coates

A simple song sung by the people of fishing villages within Argone.

Poem: Forever a Gypsy

Jenny Watson

I had to write a simile for my English class so i decided to write on The Gypsy and the Sword. Hope you like.

Empty Music'

Kimberly Bennett (a.k.a Moon_Fox)

A poem about death visiting a dying person. Obviously thinking about death in a musical sense.

The Dreamer's Tale

Shawn Reed

Perhaps some of you wonder how the title has anything to do with the story... Well, this was originally a project I did for a composition class in high school. We needed to write a story in the fashion of a noted artist. I chose the only well-known medieval age writer. I consider myself a dreamer. Thus, this is the story I told.

Poem: Blade Dance

AC Bamblett

A short poem created as a caption for the digital painting of the same name.

The first tale of Murklusia!

Michael Brown

Murklusia is a place unknown to the reader currently, but this poem describes one area in the large land. It describes the start of a tale of five heroes who set off to save the world from destruction, but what is to come of them?

Kratai Amevinreth

Anita King

A song in Atorinth, from Karselen, with the English translation. It sounds much better in Atorinth than English, if you ask me. This song has two ways to interpret it, because 'Amevinreth' is both the name of the Phoenix (symbol of the monarch of Karselen), and the word for wisdom in this language. In iambic tetrameter, if I remember my terms correctly.

Song of Return (song)

D. Hendrikson

When the dragons are driven from an island west of Kingsland, they pledge to return after the island is destroyed. As always, I'm looking for critique.


Joshua H. Brody

Im sure you recogonize these. A spoof done on these ancient rhymes for writing class.

this reality

Deanna Scott

An un-sonneted sonnet... I hate rhyme, I really do. Free me from these feet!