The Wolf & The Dragon

Laura Riddle

Just a simple shortie where two creatures meet, although hesitantly at first.

Riddle Two

Rochelle Green

Another riddle for the same story.

The Riddle

David Rookhuyzen

I wrote this due to my undying love for the Twilight Zone and when the boredom Muse struck me in English class. Written about mid-January after watching Twilight Zone Marathon. One of my first short stories of free will. Copyright David Rookhuyzen, January 2000

Riddle of Man

Leif Moldskred

One of a small number of riddles on a fantasy theme. The answer should be well known to any regular to Elfwood.

What Troubles I?

Shawn Reed

This is a riddle. The question I pose is- 'Who am I, and who are you?' (more as in 'what' am I, and 'what' are you)... It's also one of my poems that doesn't fit a general prose. Once someone has hit upon the answer, ye shall know.

A War Across Time- the riddle

Carla Anderson

Here is an exerpt from a little later in the story-- a riddle that hints at things to come.

Fool's Riddle

Adrian Wood

I'm back from a long hiatus with this little piece to keep your mind's boggled for a bit while I pick up my writing again ;)

Riddle of Death

Leif Moldskred

One of a small number of riddles on a fantasy theme. This one doesn't really work as a riddle (for one thing, it's far too concrete to be a good, traditional riddle), and I really shouldn't have to give a hint to the answer. (And yes, I know this isn't the usual depictal of the answer - but it's _my_ riddle, so there. *g*)

What am I?

Michiel van Lierop

The first one to get the answer right gets a price: a free request.

The Riddle

sarah tasker

Here's the riddle that inspired this story: You are stuck in a forest, and cannot get out because, no matter which way you go, you run into a large stone wall. You soon realize that the wall surrounds the forest. Eventually, you run into a part of the wall, where two goblins guard two doors: One door leads to the other part of the forest and to safety, and the other door leads to death--you don't know which one is which. You have one question to ask either one or the other of the goblins--one always tells the truth, and one always lies, and again you don't know which one is which. What is the question you ask? And what do you do to figure out which door leads to safety?

Riddle One

Rochelle Green

A riddle I have written for part of a story.

I Am The Key and I Am The Door

Alison Guynes

A rash young faerie discovers too late why some spells should never be invoked.My half of a story-art trade with the extraordinarily talented Annah Hutchings. Go see her artwork.


Marianne Cassidy

This poem is based on the Greek legend of the Sphinx. I'm pretty sure it was Oedipus who ran into the Sphinx while travelling home to Thebes. The Sphinx was a monster, a lion with the face of a woman and she would not let Oedipus pass unless he could answer this riddle; 'What goes on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon and three legs in the evening?' Oedipus answered correctly and was allowed past. But the Sphinx was so ashamed that a human had bested her at riddles that she threw herself off a cliff shortly afterwards. I've tweaked some the myth around to suit myself. As far as I know, the Sphinx would not kill travellers who remained silent but let them go back they had come unscathed. Any opinions, negative or otherwise, would be appreciated.

Oath of the Guardian

Kestryl Ames

When the three Olyons of Andulath fell. An oath was made by the Guardian herself. A war promised instead of peace. Sway the future with prophecy's keys.

The Mermaids' Questions

Andrea Roig

This is a scene about midway through my story that is currently existing in my head. hehe. ^.^ Ladilee and Sarfros are on their journey to reach Mount Kadar and they come face to face with three very clever mermaids. All ideas copyright to Andrea Roig.

A Tale of Tales ch. 6: The Hated Story

Melissa Jensen

The stories continue, as does the journey. Here, Joen tells a tale that has never been told before.

Tyrovana (Current Draft)

Emily Lacy-Nichols

Nicole makes a strange new friend and then follows her into a unfamiliar and terrifyingly strange world in a quest to find not only her friend's sister but Nicole's true identity. The WHOLE story so far, albeit dauntingly long...

Riddle of Birth

Leif Moldskred

An improved version of the Riddle of Birth, one of a small number of riddles on a fantasy theme I've written.


A.R. George

Ever since I was little (and played 'Conquests of Camelot' / read 'The Hobbit'), I've adored riddles. But it's bleeding hard to a) think of something hard b) make it rhyme. These are a few wobbly attempts at old ages-style riddles. By the way ... I don't believe in giving answers. ;)

Riddle of the Sky

Toni Nadeau

Written on the gate the Angels gaurd, do you have the answer? Utter but one word, and into this land you seek you may go. I'm working on the rest of the story that goes with this one. Think quest.