Ch 3 The Circle of Ice & Fire

Alice "Muffin Girl" Smith

Yeah... sorry 'bout that.--- Foreign Terms: --- Naysay: No Yeasay: Yes Wen'kian: little white worm guys, maybe the size of a Golden Retriever Ro'kian: Rockies and their Riders(Last updated: May 2005) (10 pages in three parts; 6,500 words total)

Jheroma of Paetheil

H. Chute

Another story in my Paetheil collection (obviously). It happens in the same area as Apprentice, though thousands of years before... No, it is NOT the same Ilanis. The Ilanis in Apprentice is named after the Ilanis in this story. It's only a little section of the full story, but, as I had to write a short story on any topic for school, I decided to condense into this little thing. Enjoy!

The Apocalypse Stableboy

Katheryn Heminger

Being rather fond of horses, I have always been interested in the horses of the Four Horsmen of the Apocalypse. OK, I'm weird - so what? :) Anyway, read it, and tell me what you think.

DTW:Chapter Two

Sabrina Stanphill

Midnight Ride

Sam Edwards

I wrote this poem out of sheer enjoyment, and voila, here it is! Enjoy!

The Sunrider Saga Book One: Chapter Two

Elizabeth Walker aka 'Moth'

Lachlan, our hero, returns home after that disaster with the last heiress only to find that a new, richer and even lovelier one is now seeking his aid and the aid of his brothers. Can Lachlan trust this mysterious beauty? Can he risk trusting her with anyone else?

On Dragons' Wings Ch 13

Vicki Leady

Third chapter of 'On Dragons' Wings.' I know the trial at the end is rather lackluster but if you have any ideas on how to make that particular game sound riveting and interesting to anyone but the players, please, let me know.

Bentin's Wild Ride

Tell Payne

My entry into the Reverse Illustration contest based off of this image:

Beast Rider

Holly Hendry

Something i started writing for an original writing piece at school and further continued at home. Not finished yet but its looking hopeful.

Apprentice Chapter One

H. Chute

This story is the first in my Paetheil series! It's the first draft of the first chapter. I'm really enjoying revising my stories with the help of constructive criticism from elfwood artists, writers, and visitors, so it would be great to have some more. For all dragon-lovers!

The Riders - Chapter 1

Piper Hurtherly

Set in a medieval(ish) world, where horses talk and mages do the bidding of bossy young traitors. A young member of a band of mounted warrior renegades is captured by her leader and brought to who-knows-where for who-knows-what.

Chapter One

Sarah Wacko' Kerns

Well, here it is! The first chapter of my book. It took me awhile, but I finally got it done. (Not that I think I have very many readers screaming for more, in any case.) I know that this chapter doesn't have Darien and Wyntre in it, and it's a complete switch from the prologue, but there's more coming(see above comment in parenthesis).

Pale Rider

Mary Parker

Once you've ridden a horse, you never stop loving them. Even the old and frail elf remembers his glorious youth, but doesn't suspect it will come to give him a visit.

Soul Song - Chapter 2

Robin Supples

This story is told as if one was reading the journal that Blackthorne, an quirky little elvyn mage on a journey to right the wrongs he left behind him at home, is keeping. He is my favorite of all my characters and appears most often in my stories. This particular work is copyrighted and I am in the process of finding a publisher. (No luck yet :( )

Dragon Rider

Lindsay Jacobson

An elven maiden, dreaming of her love. One of the first poems I've ever written without being told to.

Last Ride

Bethany Ward

She turned back to the dragon, whose eyes matched both her own and her grandson's, and with a final effort dragged herself up onto the dragon's back. She threw back her head, breathing in the sweet air.

The Sun Rider Saga Book One: Prologue

Elizabeth Walker aka 'Moth'

This is the prologue to the story where we are introduced to our hero. He's on a mission at the moment, escorting a rather obnoxious girl to her wedding. Very dull until they get attacked...

The Sunrider Saga Book One: Chapter Three

Elizabeth Walker aka 'Moth'

Iolanthe and Lachlan set out on their dangerous journey together. And trouble finds them much sooner than either would have anticipated.

On Dragon's Wings Part 02

Vicki Leady

Same principle as the first part. This one has Chapters 5-10.

DTW:Chapter Five

Sabrina Stanphill