The Return to Phantasya (chapter 1) - The Apprentice

Favian Ee

Ashura has escaped. Phantasya's very existence is threatened. And it's up to a bumbling wizard's apprentice and a BOOK to save Phantasya?

The Return to Phantasya (chapter 2) - The Book

Favian Ee

The Book, left by Selwyn's late master, becomes his unlikely guide. A sentient book with an attitude.

Ch 3 The Circle of Ice & Fire

Alice "Muffin Girl" Smith

Yeah... sorry 'bout that.--- Foreign Terms: --- Naysay: No Yeasay: Yes Wen'kian: little white worm guys, maybe the size of a Golden Retriever Ro'kian: Rockies and their Riders(Last updated: May 2005) (10 pages in three parts; 6,500 words total)

Child of Eidolon. Chapter 1 - Rescue

Isabelle L Davis

Following on from 'Unforgiven'. It may help to have read that first but it's not essential. The Daemonslayers come to the rescue of a stricken hunting party under attack by evil Shadow Rider demons. But their good deed drags them into more than they expected...

The Apocalypse Stableboy

Katheryn Heminger

Being rather fond of horses, I have always been interested in the horses of the Four Horsmen of the Apocalypse. OK, I'm weird - so what? :) Anyway, read it, and tell me what you think.

Raven Flight Chapter Five

David Rookhuyzen

Here is the fifth part of my novel. This was an interesting chapter to write as it wasn't in my original rough draft. I changed the circumstances at the end of my fourth chapter to make room for this scenario. As such though,what you see is my partially edited rough draft, so it's likely to have more mistakes then my other chapters. We now join Corean after she has departed from the Elves and is making her way to the city of Seville.

Down to Earth

Favian Ee

Excerpts from the story of Signeur

The Return to Phantasya (chapter 3) - Xiaowen

Favian Ee

Who's Xiaowen? How's is he related to Selwyn? What has bumbling schoolboy have to do with a bumbling wizard's apprentice?

Silver Riders

Anna Pedersen

My friend wrote this and I translated it! :)

flegling stories 2 finding a rider

J McCool

Warm Winds at it again now that he can fly he want a saddle and a rider of his own.

Prelude to the Riders (the Return to Phantasya)

Favian Ee

I finally managed to find the short stories written years ago about the Riders (found in my gallery). Here's a bunch of them. Cheers!

Total Recall

Favian Ee

Devon Eldridge - Rider of the Realm of Mind - displays his prowess!

The Riders of the Nachtlos, intro.

Jessica Jordan

Here is where you will find information about the Riders of the Nachtlos. A group of my own design. The group is RP'd by a few people now, and I'm hoping for more. This was an introduction to Asiard for the room that I'm based in.

Moonlight Riders

Rose Edana Rós' Pratt

A poem about Elves riding through the night.

The Basilisk Riders

Rosie a.k.a female fred

I'm not entirely sure about this one.. it's in the same, journal-esque styel of A walk in the Woods, but then again, it's actually set in a fantasy landscape. Enjoy.

Song of Winter: The Black Sun

Jimmy Brandt

Began as some kind of epilouge to a longer story I plan to write but became something quite different. Either way, this is pretty much just amateur writing, a story picked out of the blue and so on. I know there might be some things wrong with grammar and spelling, but I didn't really take the time to proof-read this one. Either way, hope you'll enjoy it!

The Neverless Empires- Chatpeter 1

Sarah Hagen

And this, this is where the story begins, a tale woven of darkness and hatred that plagued lands, and whole continents, and destroyed them where they stood. This is the tale of Eden and Daeva.


Sarah Hagen

Once upon a time, The End. Darkness can hide nothing when the very enemy you face is darkness, something purely evil that grows off fear and all malevolence associated with its shadowy invisibility.

Argue with the Appetizer

Carianne Brei

A warrior rider, Rayford, has an unfortunate encounter with a very hungry Dragon.

The Return to Phantasya (chapter 4) - Lands Beyond

Favian Ee

Xiaowen enters Phantasya and he can't get out! Will he fulfill his destiny? What IS his destiny anyway?