The Dragon Maiden

Mackenzie Witzel

Well It's about a girl who rides on dragon

Wolf's Defence

Peter Blair

The Big Bad Wolf isn't really all that bad. He's been viciously attacked by all sorts of folks out to tarnish his reputation. This story sprang into my mind right after I read Jennifer 'laieanna' Brown's 'Live at Six'. Perhaps she will rouse from her slumber and write some more (/not so subtle hint). ^_^ I always figured that there would be more popular references to the bad wolf in litterature, but I couldn't think of any that I didn't cover. If you think of any others, please let me know!

Gallop Till Daybreak

K Brown

This Kinda tells it's own story.

Forever Shadow: Chapter I: Beginnings

Siegfried Baumann

This is the first chapter in my epic book Forever Shadow. The map in the beginning (if it even shows up) will be really small since I had to rescale it and will be hard to read. I recommend that you see my full map at my Elfwood art gallery to be found here.

Arrival of the Elves

Joseph Gnemmi

This one I thought of when I was watching TTT (arrival of the Elves) and The Last Samurai (the Safe Passage part). It is best suited to The Last Samurai's samurai noble theme. Enjoy!

Little Red

E Purington

2,340 Words Improv with fairytales gone terribly wrong. Profane little brat, robots, and the pool boy... Boredom at its worst... Still rough. Rip away. Please. Thank you to all who have done so already, it means a lot, truly. iPod Trademark of Apple Li'l Red Riding Hood © Sam The Sham And The Pharoahs

Not That Kind of Bad

Shana R. Markham

Just so you have something to reference, this is incredibly rough. An inverted fairy tale I wrote for a children's literature class in my last semester at Huntingdon. Frankly, I would have loved to have gotten a little more dark, what with eating to become someone and the entire thumb thing, but that's how it goes.

Sleepless Beauty

Liz Williams

An old one, nearly four years old now. This was a class assignment that I wasn't particularly looking forward to. It was to 'rewrite a fairy tale'. I thought it was stupid. Then I stumbled across some 'Politically Correct' stories and I realized could make it fun. This is the result; enjoy!

Riding the Bus

Nicole Walraven

My most recent work, again, I was at the losing end of a break-up. Fool did it right in the middle of my grad week too. Oh well.

Everything a Heroine Should Know (Ch 1)

Roriel Lim

Prince Tristan has to find a suitor immediately, according to Queen Belladonna, that is. Unfortunately, he desperately wants to stay single, which leads to desperate measures. A Grand Ball, several nice young ladies and one fine fortune. What could go wrong?

Not Your Average Little Red Riding Hood

Emily Graham

    My first elfwood publication, of course had to be something great. It's about a young fox humanoid, Vespa, and her dark disgusting secret. It may seem harmless at first, but I warn viewers that as the story continues, I plan for it to get a lot more vulgar, disgusting, and graphic. So, this isn't for the light of heart. Before you start reading; just let me introduce Vespa, the main charecter. She's a young, attractive silver fox humanoid with yellow eyes. Her fur is ticked with black hairs, and she always, always wears a red cloak, a red riding hood, if you will. Her eyes hide something... what it is couldn't be seen by looking at her; you'd have to peer deep, deep into her very soul, for she has a secret nobody could understand, keep, or have the burden of holding. On the outside, Vespa is a beautiful, happy citizen of her society. Nobody would ever expect her of commiting anything serious. Many of the people who know her thinkt of her as probably the nicest person they know. She is often sought after the other humanoids in her community. She desperately tries to not get close to anybody, in fear of them finding out her true self.  So, I hope this first chapter catches you and pulls you in to Vespa's dark road that passes anguish, blood and guts along the way, but ends with a twist.--Enjoy!!!

Redneck Riding Hood

Kristyn Armour

I wrote this for an English project... It got a few laughs, and I (surprisingly) put a lot of effort into it. I know it isn't sci-fi, but I haven't posted anything new in forever, so I thought I'd give it a go.

A Grimm Little Tale

Zania Marais

Ahh well what can I say...I started to write a twisted version of some fairy tale (Rapunzel I think) and then more fairy tales insisted to be included and then... well -this- was the result either way. I'm pretty darn proud of myself... it's short. Doesn't happen often. Actually doesn't happen -ever-, except for this time that is. *pokes little feather*! Well that was unexpected. Thank you! *does a ecstatic little dance around the room*

Riding Hood--Chapter 1

Erin Conley

I've never felt that bad guys are ever bad just for the sake of being bad...they have a history. Here begins the REAL story of Little Red Riding Hood

Frog Quest - Round Three

Daniela Doyne

Thank God I finally managed to finish this bugger. School and writer's block are an EVILE (yes, evile = evil + vile) combination to the writer's poor affected head. It would also explain the lack of real quality of the last installment. Oh well. It was still pretty fun to write. Enjoy.

Dragon Mistress Chapter 4

Lindsay Verde

 Whoo! We finally have chapter 4! Thank you to everyone for being so patient with me and still keeping an interest in this story even though it's been much too long since I uploaded a chapter. This one is for all of you! I hope it lives up to your expectations. Ah, at last, our first interactions between Julene and Kail. Squeee! I had so much fun, and at the same time, such difficulty writing this. The very reluctance of the characters to interact oozed from the pages and made it hard to get it written. Boy do we have some bullheadedness here! I apologize for the horrible mess of un-edited-ness that this is - I knew you were all waiting impatiently for this so I decided to upload it without editing to get it to you as soon as possible.And please, I love hearing from you, what you think, how you interpret things, what your favorite scenes were and those you didn't like, etc. So please, if you've stopped to read, leave a comment, even something as simple as: I liked it, I didn't like it. All of these help motivate me to work on this story and make it better. Thanks! Uploaded Feb 20, 2011

Forever Shadow: Chapter III: Destiny Calls

Siegfried Baumann

Maedric's story really begins here. This tells of some troubling events that will forever change him. This is also the last chapter with Maedric for a while. Chapter four introduces a new character and Maedric is not seen again till chapter eight.

Little Red Riding Hood

sarah tasker

A poem of the fairy tale

April 12th, 4 am, In hospital by her bed

Amanda Kunkle

This poem was written, as the title says, by my grandma's death bed. It compares her death by cancer with the Little Red Riding Hood story, using Wolf as a trickster.

Red Riding Hood's Axe

Terin Teehan

A product of a weird mood at midnight (as so many of my stories are...) This was done in part after hearing my English teacher shock us with the 'real' meaning of all the old fairy tales...not to mention watching Hammer's 'Horror of Dracula' in a horror movie marathon. While I liked many things about the movie (go Peter Cushing!), I just hated the fact that all the women did was scream. Or worse...just sit there waiting to be KILLED like so many lambs to the slaughter!...uh yeah. Did I mention that I wrote this at midnight?