Ballad of the Witty Young Squire

Barbara Wickham

Written in my junior year of high school, I present for your scrutiny, this awkward bit of prose in all of its unedited glory. Many apologies in advance... :)


Joshua Young

It's just the beginning... and normally I wouldn't but something this unfinished up here (At least the Guardians Prologue is a whole section.) but I'm looking for some feedback to see if this is in anyway understandable. This story takes place in the same world as a manga I'm working on with a friend- a solar system in which the sun has shrunk and the Earth is dead, and the remanents of humanity hide away inside 'ARKS', which are part of the orbital ring mentioned here.... Anyway..... Yes, The main character is female, and yes, she is 1500 years old.

Merlin Epilogue

Amanda Audi

My take on the Merlin story

Ring of Might

Holly Burpo

another know how I like them

I Know the Way Home

Natalia Kostylev

I wrote this in my LiveJournal in the middle of the night several months ago. I don't really know where it came from, but I've become rather fond of it. It's more like a vignette than a story, but whatever. I prefer vignettes I guess, because they're more in the moment and they don't move from that moment. Anyway, the quote at the beginning is what inspired it... the guy was going to be a samurai specifically in the beginning, but as I realized I didn't really know much about samurais, I decided to stay vague to avoid insulting the samurai tradition with my ignorance.

Four Realms, Chp III

Emil Johansson

This is the third chapter of the first book of Simuir, The Battle of the Four Realms.

The Stone of Mount Phiss

Jeremy Whiteoak

A mysterious ring, generations old and with a mind of its, falls into the hands of an able-bodied young warrior. Where it will lead him and how will it end, is something that he must live to see.

Faerie ring

Emma Cuddy

This is a poem I wrote about faeries while sitting on the Faerie Fort in Peatlands Park. Its like a flat hilltop eith a circle of trees on top, and a grassy area in the middle. Theres an Irish tradition that places like this are where the faeries live, and thats what brought this faerie obsession on. sorry for any typos, keyboard is still messed up, but I think that I have killed most of the errors....


Claudia Verwoert

The pain and agony keeps getting worse for Julian.. How more can he take? Why did they hate him? his eyes? his dreadfull eyes? He continues telling you his story.. feel with him and bring yourself into his life..... ^_^ *note* To honour and thank carolyn Anderson for her beautiful drawing of Julian when he finally discovers his answers... Her character Jason enters my story briefly, but he will have a more important task later on

Clar: Chapter 1

Brian Bergstrom

Ok, this story is based in the same world as Regonian Light, but at a different time. Somewhere in between the start of Rhikin's imprisonment and a couple years before Barbank's birth. I might have Mike in Regonian Light, I dunno. I still haven't decided what to do with him. Well, this is Mike's story. The original start of this crazy ongoing series I had in my head. This is the story it ORIGINALLY all began with. Before I even knew of Barbank or the Candle. Like back when I was 10. Of course I added some stuff. Enjoy. And feel free to comment. In this chapter the story hasnt really started yet, but it'll get better.

Merried with a Vampire chapter 1

Dragomir Madalin

What happens when a preascendant being gets trapped in an engagement with a superior vampire with a taste for his blood? Well lots of funny situations that's what ;) This is my first try on the story of this weird couple :S ... Also don't bite my neck off because of the spelling mistake in the title :) thats just a hint to the story ;) Hope you enjoy my storry telling ;) or at least the spin off of it :) if you want a taste of my well true story telling then read 'The Soul Mate of a Demon Queen' found in my gallery ;)

The wall of Astrid--Chapter 4 & 5

Holly Knobloch

I had so much fun making these chapters! hehe! my editor (sister) hasn't went over this one so there will prob be lots of mistakes!

Wall of Astrid--Prologue and Chapter 1

Holly Knobloch

Nia goes home one day and discovers her mother has been turned to stone. So she goes out to find what happened but instead learns more about herself than she would have expected

Shadows in the Sand

Christopher R Regan

Starshadow spends an interesting day in the desert homeland of his beloved Arëanna and gets more than he bargains for.

The Dragon Stone - Chapter 4

Erin Card

A grandmother's inheritance turns out to be much more in the realm of Tamant: Chapter 3.

Into the Darkness - Chapter 10

Matthew W Stewart

Rollins says goodbye to Shamus and Susan, as well as him home in Gruandor before setting out on his journey to Sundsborg. A shorter chapter it serves more towards setup for what is to come. I might be adding something at the end, haven't decided just yet, so check back if you like :)

My Father's Ring

Michelle Fenrick

Well I wrote this (very) short story for a magazine prject in seventh grade(two years ago) based off an image i found on the internet. I made very few revisions and only grammatical ones because I do love the story so much despite its age. But anyways U2 forever!

Four Realms, Chp I

Emil Johansson

This is the first chapter of the first book of Simuir, The Battle of the Four Realms.

Prologue - Born Of Death

sarah-amy haley

This is the start of a story I've been planning since I was 13. The characters and actual story has changed sooooo much since then that all that's really the same is the name of the world - Ferrathist. Anyway, the prologue is set along long time (several hundred years) before the rest of the story, at this time the world is being brutally repressed by the mages. There is one way to save the future - but in such a desperate situation it's hard for people to trust, or act in anyway other than for themself and there own. The prolouge is potentially quite depressing, so... you're warned...any feed back would be welcomed, I have been told it's a bit wordy so I might takle that at some point. Other chapters might hopefully appear in time, but that time could very well be a very long way away ~ =p... i Am LaZy!!!... =]

Chapter 23: Cooking and Mindreading

Allison Dollar

An interesting chapter. More things are figured out befor Mya becomes one of the thirteen.