Prayers of the Faithless - Part II

Nathan McMinn

The second part of my short story, Prayers of the Faithless.


Manda Maggs

Dedicated to Robert Budde my creative writing prof who encouraged writing in different styles, and Nalo Hopkinson for her talent.

Michael's Tale: Chapter 3

Garon Whited

Michael goes for a swim, forms a plan to carry out his mission, and makes a disturbing discovery.

The Angry Tables of Tablia

Adria Self

Revised version I wrote for my english class narrative essay assignment. Teacher gave me an 'A'. ^_^ I like this one better.

All This, Masochistic

Rachel Baker

A modern-day retelling and remodeling around the plot of Robert Browning's Porphyria's Lover.

Prayers of the Faithless, Part I

Nathan McMinn

The first in a series of stories in my Gaea Universe. See author's note for further details.