The Marriage of Robin Goodfellow

Erin Fiddler' Anderson

A fairly out-of-character scenario for everyone's favorite Puck! It's a slightly sloppy ballad I composed to be performed at his wedding in piece I've been working on with Ida for many a year. It may not all rhyme, but it does have mettre.

Brother of Rat

Sean Daily

One of the most popular bar songs in Tayassam, a chiroptim ghetto in New York City and the scene of my upcoming roleplaying system. It's like 'A Fairy Tale of New York' to chiroptim. Imagine the guys singing one chorus, then the ladies, then everyone all together in the final chorus.

The World of Zarne ch.1 part1


um this is the first part of the ch. because it is too long and read the prolouge first or it wont make any sence

Different things

C.M. Wise

A short,little poem I wrote.Hope you like it.

Legion 1 - Chapter 1

Robin Morero

Some greco-roman inspired dark fantasy.

A Midsummer's Nightmare

Allyson Yearry

An alternate ending to 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' by Shakespeare, of course. I acutally wasn't a big fan of the original version, much too light-hearted and silly for my taste. So, here's a lovely (yet tragic) alternate ending! Hope you enjoy it, and leave comments! (I apologize if the format turns out a little strange-looking, I did my best to keep the format decent, but converting it from a DOC to an HTML file may have messed a few things up.. ^_^; )

The Maiden's Knight_early01

Chelsea Castonguay

A new story about Robin Hood and Maid Marian as young people growing up. It is not really how Robin and Marian met, but then it wouldn't be an original story if it was, now would it? This story is to be written in diary form, and these are the entries from early May. More to come.

The World of Zarne ch. 1 part 2


read the first part first and the prologoue and give me a lot of critisism k? I know it's not perfect

POEM - She

Richelle Morris

This poem, about a Dragon Queen, was written a few years ago, during the time I was reading Robin Hobb's 'The Liveship Trader's' trilogy for the first time. Please note that this is NOT a fan-poem, but is inspired by Robin Hobb's dragon descriptions.

Midnight Demons

Robin Morero

Short, horrorstyle poem.

A Grimm Little Tale

Zania Marais

Ahh well what can I say...I started to write a twisted version of some fairy tale (Rapunzel I think) and then more fairy tales insisted to be included and then... well -this- was the result either way. I'm pretty darn proud of myself... it's short. Doesn't happen often. Actually doesn't happen -ever-, except for this time that is. *pokes little feather*! Well that was unexpected. Thank you! *does a ecstatic little dance around the room*

Ingeborg: A Stav Magi story

Areidra-Emma Gabourie

a little stav magi story that I wrote last year for an assignment. I seem to have this curse where I write bits and pieces of a novel and never actually put it together....^_^

Legion 2 - Chapter 2

Robin Morero

Some greco-roman inspired dark fantasy.

Legion 0 - Prologue

Robin Morero

Some greco-roman inspired dark fantasy.

Nightingale 3

Jessica Coles

War is coming, in more ways than one. Peaceful, ordinary life is shattered......for every night there must be a day. Critique and comments wanted and welcome xx

Chapter 1: Singing of the Same Song

Patricia McGowan

 This is the first chapter of the book i'm working on. The setting is the Medieval Era . It is an introduction of Robin Cole and Isis, two young teenagers running away from their home, and their journey together.