Titans of the Knight Chapter 3: Warrior Lost

Nicholas Wolf' Fetter

A young Teenager is the pilot of a highly advanced Mecha and his closest family members get involved in a struggle that most humans don't even know exist.


E. Hanna

This story is set in the late, great Amanda M. Howard's 'Apocalypse Moon' universe and is posted here with her kind permission. I wrote it partly as an homage and partly because its such an awesome story that I wanted (greedily) to be a part of it. Comments encouraged.

Palace Macabre Ch.4

H. Coyne

We tour the strange house and meet Lucrece: 'She was regal, beautiful and severe, like the blade of an artisan's sword'.

Palace Macabre Ch. 2

H. Coyne

Anya arrives at the island and the wondrously strange house and glimpses a few of its mysterious inhabitants.

Soul parts

Holly baby' Davidson

An unfinished bit of story. I decided to upload it because i dont know if it will ever be finifhed


Callie Richardson

This is a poem about a re-awakened lyon, after they have become extinct (in our story from WW III) and the humans have used the genetic material to recreate the species...and he knows, though the humans have tried not to have the animals find out about...they're not real.

The Progeny of Gods: Chapter 4

Aaron Miner

The location of Ahrahushaan has been determined and preparations for the expedition have begun. However, Wyrdman is uncertain about what the future may hold.

The Progeny of Gods: Chapter 3

Aaron Miner

Enter Franz Mohellian, businessman extraordinaire. In this chapter he meets the mysterious Fay von Nebel, an ambitious young reporter who knows more than she should...

Tonshont Children

Jennifer Beckner

This story is about a little state called Huckani and a place called Tonshont. It's about a 3rd (android) named Jenita, who learns to hate the human race for their faults and the wrongs done in Tonshont. Set in the 5000s.


Janell Poulin

It's about hacking and strange organizations and stuff. Agh! I'm terrible at these description things! It was made because I wanted to compete in a Sci Fi contest on Elftown. Ah, now where would I be in my writing without contests on Elftown? It won a prize too! Whoopee!

First - Chapter 1

Laura Soret

After a boring intro, here cometh the real stuff! First meets the outside world! Complete with illustration!

Tenth Man Down

Jason Allard

A military police officer with a tortured past works with a Federal agent to protect a young hacker from a murderer.

A Silver Moondrop

Nina Jones

Set in the far future. The Human race is slowly assimulating all others in the galaxy. Gods help everyone. Chapter 1.

Mercury III: part four


A few important notes about this part: 'Tempson shield' is a made up term inspired by real-life Faraday shields, which are too complicated to explain, Google it if you really wanna know. As there doesn't seem to be an 'official' term for a group of dragons (there are all sorts of variations), I, THE ANGLER HAVE DECREED that in all stories hereafter (all of mine, anyway) they shall be known as 'a scream of dragons'. Hell yeah. ^^ Also, I had to answer the mystery of the mist, for purposes of not having an ending that sucked (although that still remains to be seen...) Sooorry! It was unavoidable! Don't hurt me, Panu!! *runs away*

Mark II-Chapter Four

Steven Elmore

Boy meets Girl, other Girl meets Boy, Boy gets in motorcycle accident and Insane Uncle pulls Boy's mind into a robot body.

Psychotic: Chapter 1

Caitlin Lander

This is the first chapter or so of the story that spawned "Epic Tale".  I know it needs work, of course, but I was curious to see what other people thought of it, so here it is ^-^ I hadn't read it in a very long time, so I was pleansantly surprised when I read it a little bit ago.  Maybe I can put my two stories back together and have a nice little book...The girl, Psyche, lives in a futuristic world where everything has been industrialized and the sky is obscured by a red haze.  After her 16th birthday, however, she finds that an interesting new abitliy is starting to change everything she has ever known...

Descending Vectors

Brian Buckley

A science fiction sonnet. Making new genres is fun, isn't it?


Emma-Jane Smith

An odd... and slightly sad story. Have no idea where this one came from. But it's good to get back into writing!!! Enjoy.


Lasse Sipilä

This one was inspired by an image I got in my head, about the robot trudging around the cargo hall. I don't know where the image came from, but it was very definite that if I was to be a picture, it should be an oil painting. This is why I haven't gotten around to do more than this little story about it, thus far. I had some plans for further story, but haven't really been able to piece it together. Maybe, one day. UPDATE: fixed some typos, thanks for the spotting!

Dragon's Wrath 3

Jake Anderson

see part 1