Piriah Chapter 10: Nalche Wakes Up

Dana Caldwell

The next chapter in the Piriah saga. Still not a named story, but developing nicely. Here, Nalche is waking up from the cyclone storm she created and discovering a new life.

Piriah Chapter 9: Nalche Loses Control

Dana Caldwell

Well, we all knew it was going to happen if that girl didn't get some proper training. She heads out in a snit and gets herself in trouble. Good thing there's a mysterious mage there to help her out.

The Legend of the Rocks

Alison McKenzie

A pirate spends the last few moments of his life clinging to the rocks along the coast and reflecing on his life when suddenly someone shows up to change everything...to save him or to kill him, he doesn't know... he doesn't even know if it's human...

Ori and the Water Sprites

Marianne Cassidy

Another extract from Ori's journey. This actually pretty much wrote itself, at around three o'clock in morning. I just happened to be typing at the time. This story got a Mod's Choice on May 6th 2004. My thanks to the moderator who picked it, it means a lot to me!

A Secret Place

Evan Penn

A short story, or rather begining, i wrote on a camping trip...Just to clarify, the battle in the background is between a small town and a tribe of trolls...and i'm still undecided whether the child is an elf or not....hmmm....

chapter 22 (edited)

Opal Parkison

Here you learn more about Lynx. You'll also meet the Erutin and learn why they are important. This is part of my latest round of edits. I removed a non-important character and tried to clear up some confusion about the Door. Enjoy.

Reversion, Chapter 3, Legends and Fairy tales

Andreas Peter Holmberg

Will the story be more clear or will things get more complicated?

All he needed was a Rock.

Kori De-Ann

This is my first humorous story. I ended up in this chatroom a while ago, and all these people were trying to come up with the meaning of life. I thought it was pretty funny, so here you go: my version of life!

Practice Makes Perfect

Michelle Krantz

Took me about 15 minutes to write late at night. Inspired by my best friend's story. It involves 'The Rules And Protocol Of Civilized Living' or something close to that. Basically every fairy tale you've ever heard.


David Anderson

I wrote this as a thank you to those people who help me when things are tough. you all know who you are, and I think you from the bottom of my heart. you are all the best.

Holy War

Shawn Reed

Ok, first thing's first- I wrote this as lyrics to a song. More specifically, this is meant to be a rock/heavy metal song, though I have no way of coming up with the instrumental part. You should, hopefully, feel the pulse of the rhythm... and if anyone is capable, and would actually like to use the lyrics, feel free to contact me about it.

The Peacock's Tale

Hannah Ringler

A retelling of the story of Io, Hera and Zeus - I love writing retellings of myths!

Erlkonig or Turbid Isidor

Otilia Tena

A fantasy poem.

The arival of Death

Uffe Olesen

This is about an encounter with Death. I had some thoughts about how this would turn out. In the end I think I took the idea a little further than that but that can be up to yourself to decide. Originally I wrote it in Danish and I worked a lot with the use of the language but after this translation I cannot guarantee that my use of the English language is just as good.

Thieves.inc Chapter 3

Dewald Malan

The story goes on...


Jennifer Hazelhurt

Anyone who reads this has the right to remain confused. It confuses me, too. It was a fun thing to write, however. I had to ask my imagination for a bit of guidance.

someone beyond

Joeri verheyden

a classic nature lovepoem

Ghost Rock - chapter two

Dubhdara Field

Laura is dying before their eyes and The Gang need help fast. Maybe if they can understand their new powers they can save her.

Sam's Rock

Matthew Herbert

I don't advise what Sam does.

The War of Evelon-Chapter Fourteen

Gene Erno

Irresitible Offer Annna receives an offer she cannot refuse.