Shadows of the Twin Moons: Chapter Two

Erin Ramos

Well, I finally got it done. The muchly revised edition of the second chapter of shadows. Go me. I hope you all like this one better than the first edition;)

The Adventures of the Sensational Six: Unrequited, Part I

N. Henry

A figure out of Nate's past comes back to haunt him in this intriguing glance into the history of one of Etheria's greatest heroes. Part I.

Origins of the Sensational Six

N. Henry

Long before the League of the Second-Best, there was the Sensational Six...

The Adventures of the Sensational Six: Strange Alliances

N. Henry

The Sensational Six, working for the famed Mercenaries' Guild, answers a call from the civil war-torn city of Hagen-Drä, the only place where valuable Magemetal ore can be mined! How will the Sensational Six face this new threat? Find out!

Jaer Trapmaker

Christopher Hopper

Another portrait, this time of my favorite little rogue...

Will (Part One)

E. Hanna

This is the story of person with a bad habit. This series is going to be long, I think.

The Gates of Silence - Chapter 1 - Another Crimson Moon

Emanuella "Discordian" Kozas

I made my friends here roleplay as they as all characters from this story so that way I would know exactly how they would react in situations and what would actually happen according to their own characters. I personally like it so far although I am sure it will need a few more tweeks to become like I really imagined it. Enjoy!

Easy Come, Easy Go II

Adam Carter

I wrote this on the train yesterday. I don't really have any idea where the story's going. I'll just write and write and we'll all find out what happens.

Metal Met Flesh....

Katie Hallahan

Hugh Garren woke up to his throat being slit and his life ending; this caused a number of problems. Only the first of which was the fact he was dead. This is a new work in progress (the title is also a working one), planned to eventually be a novella. Please leave constructive comments!

Shadow of a Past life-First section

Jess Hanna

Weird little story. Started the idea with the first paragraph, and still haven't the slightest as to where it will go. Needs some editing, but enjoy. :)

Shadow- Part 2

Jess Hanna

*Shrugs* what good book is without it's dream parts?. Dreams are importentt later, but can't say too much about them now.

Shadow-Part 5

Jess Hanna

Triston...favorite of my charicters besides Lil' Rebel. Another thing that will come around later, but not quite yet.

Dragon Beckons - Prologue

Matthew Hillary

I havn't been much active on Elfwood in awhile, but I thought I might as well throw this back up just in case anyone stops by.

The Twilight's Warden

*Gasp!* What's this? A COMPLETE short story from me? Not just an overly long cliffhanger? O rapture! +) The Warden is my signature character and he actually has a real name, though the story doesn't mention it: Dameon Starwind. A good friend of mine, the magnificent lady Dusksong, drew a wonderful illustration for this story that you can view on deviantArt: Here's a poem that didn't make it past the moderators, but is nonetheless important to the character:   Down alleys swathed in shadow, 'round corners dark and grim; Through secret paths and lairs of wrath treads Dameon Starwind. A man of many secrets, from whom none shall leak. They say that if he gave the word the walls themselves would speak!   An eyepatch and a blackish hat above his crafty grin. A word, a sword, a cloak at night is often Dameon Starwind.  

Tales of the Undercrypt - Vraaja and the mage

Sean Creasey

An unfinished piece being written about Vraaja the tomb raider and his luckless exploits in the bowels of the earth. I am unsure where to go with this or if it is worth continuing.

Severed Shadows Part 14 (Conclusion)

William Lowe

We made it!  The final installment of Severed Shadows!And just in case you are sad to see it all ending, this one leaves it wide open to "Continue".  :D

Severed Shadows Part 5

William Lowe

Severed Shadows Continues...

Severed Shadows Part 8

William Lowe

Severed Shadows Continues...

Severed Shadows Part 9

William Lowe

Severed Shadows, seriously its still going...

Dark Wings: Chapter 5 - Tricks and Jests

K. Beal

An unordinary town, an unordinary girl, an unordinary life. Sixteen-year-old Raven has always had a knack for picking out the quirks and oddities in herself and everything around her. For as long as she can remember, she's been dreaming of something beyond the world she can see. Beyond all rational thought, she knows something is there, just out of reach, and she strives to find it.