Garon Whited

'Dead' doesn't mean 'finished.'

Another Love

T. McKain

Written for a contest on Writersco (For the Love of It - every two or three months). There were lots of rules for this contest. The girl had to have a horrible temper. It had to be in the fantasy or scifi genre. I could only use the word 'the' 10 times. The girl had to have 'strawberry blond' hair. It had to be based off of a picture (provided at the contest). It had to be 500 words. I think that's all of the rules there were... :P Anyway, enjoy! It was fun to write!

Les Enchanteurs Part 4

Caroline Bennett

Part four of the saga

Serenity: Angelic Whispers 2 (unfinished)

Caroline Bennett

A continuation to the saga. Enjoy :-)

Painted Black

Rachel Poole

I'm really proud of this tale and I did want to continue and make it into a series but nothing else I came up with could do it justice. So, it will remain a short story and I hope you enjoy it :)

A Ghost Story

Andy Millington

A story about love lost to death, and the possibility of continueing in the great beyond. I personaly like this one, I hope everyone that reads it gets as much enjoyment as I did writing the story.

Down the River Reverie (Part 1)

Dana Miner

fantasy story prose-poetry

Take my Hand

Victoria Bellamy

This is a romantic story that was mostly based on a song called 'Ordinary day' by Vanessa Carlton, I added in the fantasy parts and built on the romance. I hope you like it.

Eternal Vengeance

Michael Brown

A tragicly beautiful story of a man and his long lost love.

Moonlight Escalator (Part 1)

Dana Miner

fantasy story prose-poetry

Moonlight Escalator (Part 3)

Dana Miner

fantasy story prose-poetry

Chapter 1-The Northlands in the year 623-Growing Season

James Lobster Wrenching' Kooienga

The vampires have taken over the Northlands and established a kingdom. The elves have fled far south, but are still hunted by their hated enemies. One night, the queen of the vampires gives birth to a daughter, while elsewhere in the kingdom, and elven slave gives birth to a son.

Pair Bonded Dragons' Lament (and Delight!)

Paul Doyle

Two dragons from forthcoming novel sequence are content, but bored. Having been bonded for 500 years, these mates-for-life are starting to experience some relationship doldrums. But then they have a little adventure together, while their children are being tutored by the clan elders . . .

Come For Thee Thy Wayward Knight

Nicole Byers

This is a poem about oppression and me and my boy friend Deklan getting through it together...and stuff. I'm sure this is a wonderful summary. x.x

Path of the Just - Before the Storm Chapter One

S. McPhail

A revision of Before the Storm that fits the new continuity. Seth's wrong turn running away from his friend Yumi may change his life forever... but in what way?

Swimming In The Sun-Sea

Dana Miner

fantasy poetry

Across The Paisley Skies(part 1)

Dana Miner

fantasy poetry

Across the Paisley Skies(Part 2)

Dana Miner

fantasy poetry

Sugar Coated Torture

Simi Peterson

I wrote this the night my boyfriend broke up with me. Everyone has their first love, he was mine. It took me a reallylong time to get over him, and sometimes... even now, five months later, I'm not sure if I really am.

Lady of my Dreams

Kyle Schichler

This is a poem that I adapted from a different one that I made in my head.