Lazy Days

E. Hanna

I don't know what to tell you. I guess this is a sort of alternate reality. The story is to immense for me to see it all, so I've only been able to write a tiny chunk. Hope you enjoy it.


Derek Shore

I was told to write my spiritual journey for a class this year. We were to write our own personal myth. This was mine.

The Room

Bristien Havenaar

A poem of a Knight who chose a fate he regrets. (2004)

changing home

Samantha Hosea

get lost in you own home...imagine that...

Stolen children

Melissa Bastiaans

Mothers always watch your first child, for they are never safe.

The Water In The Well Chapter 7: The Regentess

Tom Shine

Wow regentess isn't even a word! Oh well some poetic lisence is allowed, isn't it? Yeah, keep an eye on that regentess, she plays an important role later on...

You've Got Mail

Emma Moel

Yet another story… Sam means ‘listener’. Achanubis is a combination of two names: Achan, which means ‘trouble’, and Anubis, the Egyptian god who led the dead to the underworld. Hannah is the name of my best friend (just the name! Not her character at all!) and Shaun was the guy whose many emails inspired this story! Based on disturbing recent events. Enjoy.

Beginning (Vatia)

Faith Doerr aka Lerune

This is a brief intro and insight into my character, Vatia. She was awarded to my cleric, Trendall from the infamous Deck of Many Things, and went from there. I am actually in the process of compiling Vatia's life into one, big story, but for now, here is a snippet of who she is.

The Room

Charles Sims

 this is based off of a strange and creepy short story i read in seventh grade that has stayed with me ever since. It was about a room that changed according what you wanted it to be. The room could change into the open savannah, or into a mythical world. My version can only show memories though. This makes it different, so its not fanfiction. I repeat : this is NOT fanfiction. Enjoy.

To Those Who Wait (Part 2)

E. Hanna

Coninuation of a story, now we get to the two main characters. This is actually mostly filler, but it is necessary for the rest of the story. Enjoy.

Devastating Isolation

Kayla Summer

This is a piece I dreamed up a few nights ago. The note at the end is supposed to go out to the readers. XD!

Paths of Glory(Part 1)

Frank Johnson

The firs installement of my short story. Thats right, when im done I will actually have one whole story on here! Anyways, i dont want to give to much away, so enjoy the story.


Nicolei Arnold

The house was quiet at midnight. I could find nothing else better to do than to listen to my boyfriend breathe on the phone. I tip-toed up to my room and stuffed my head under some blankets to drown out my voice when I talked. He was busy watching TV, and I hated being ignored. So I rambled on these simple words and decided to write them down. I thanked him after being so quiet.


nicole shaw

A bastard prince in a stressful dilemma.

The Darkness

Meghan Brownjohn

A girl wakes up in the middle of the night to find a stranger in her room.

The Legend Of Shadow Step-Chapter 8

rory braconnier

chapter 8

Out of the Sphere: Chapter One

Nur Talib

Not much progress of the storyline,but quite a bit in terms of character depth; Tayna and the new character Rayan,that is.

Unicorn, M.D.

Dolphin (a.k.a. Chris Rosenbaum)

Yet another idea that just popped into my head, and I decided to write it first-person just to see what people thought of it. Take a medical school student, turn him into a unicorn, watch what happens...

Night Shift Chapter 1

Dee Newkirk

Cautiously dippin' my toes into the Elfwood reader waters. Hope it goes well

The Room

Gioanna Rheumer

Having the teacher forget what she wants the class to do does have its advantages. I managed to finish this while she was trying to remember. Hehe.