A Love Story

Mary Chmielewski aka Maribel Zytka

A lame title, but for all the work I've done on it, I still can't come up with a good title. Anyway, this started as an assignment for a composition class, we had to write a story that was one page long, I was the only person who thought this was short!! This is the first of what I later called my 'Circle Stories.' Hope you enjoy. :)

A Grave of Comfort

Brittany Dulay

A poem that was orginally part of the story, 'The Silent Tragedy.' It reveals how Rauvinne just wishes she could be put out of her misery by death's loving heart.

Three Worlds

Chelsea Schetzle

Well this isn't really fantasy or sci fi or anything but, I figured I'd put it up anywho. Written for a valentine poem contest, but I didn't enter in time. Phooey :)

In A Dream State, Part 4

Elizabeth Avent

Lots of action in this one, kinda short... but I want to build suspence... how'd I do? Yes, highly confusing and alot of stuff going on all at once... but of course... everyting will be explained in the next part.

Painted Roses

Brenda Dale

This little poem is an interesting thing that I wrote a while back. It is essentially about the embrace of the vampires. The main character laments her lost life, and entrance into unlife as she stares at the painting that she did while living.


Cathryn Faerwald

Meet Adrian, meet Chilali. Wonder how badly I can twist their tragic little lives? Badly.

The 'Black Horse' Saloon

Ashley Brodie

This is really, really, really a work in progress! it is an extract from a vampire story I am writing. Comment if you wish but it really isn't very good! It reminds me of a roleplay script every time I read it. I'll probably remove all thoughts made by anyone other than Destiny and Max.


Julia Page

Inspired partly by Hans Christian Anderson's 'The Snow Queen' and partly by the Japanese 'Snow Woman', a harbinger of death who steals away the souls of travellers lost in the snow.

Red Roses; chapter 3

monique Hout

chapter 3, so what to do now? alone out in the street and no sign of this vampire

These Meadows of God

Robyn Petrik

I wrote this poem in grade 8 as a school assignment. I'm pretty happy with it, but there are a couple of lines that don't really fit.

Once Upon A Time Mission

Sandra Wheeler

A quick, easy read about how difficult it is to be a fairy godmother.

And Maybe It Was for the Better

Zoe Eddy

A story-in-progress... maybe I'll continue... maybe not. It certainly is bizarre. if I do say so myself.

Blood and Black Roses CHPT 9, 10

Remelisa Cullitan

Meh, I am not so into that curse and 'drama' I tried to create so one of these days I will nix this and make up something that even I can be happy with.

Blood and Black Roses CHPT 17, 18

Remelisa Cullitan

I'm sorry if 18 seems weird. I guess I just wanted to show how clueless the girls are to the Vampires...

Blood and Black Roses CHPT 5,6

Remelisa Cullitan

This story is not saturated with vampire-ness but the end is pack filled, just keep chugging! It only gets better with age... I told that once to a teacher... I think he thought I might have hit on him O_o... oops

Blood and Black roses CHPT 7,8

Remelisa Cullitan

Oh, do I sense some disturbing Remi humor? You bet cha. I told you things do get interesting

Haunted(The Poem)

Bessie Young

The poetry version of the short story.

Return to Spain - Part 3

Christine Augustus

Tarin learns the wrath of a White Witch; Vorlana ties up a few loose ends.

White Roses

Hannah Frye

Just a little story I wrote for a contest in ALL of california and I got an Honorable Mention!

Shifting Sand

C. Seidel

A man fights to reconcile his image with his self, and contemplates a long-gone figure. This is dedicated to John Kelley for being the great guy he is. Aaaaaaand as a comment prize. Good for John!