Nicholas & Kieran, Part I

Amanda Fisher

A character of mine, Nick meets up with another character of RC's named Kieran, it is their first encounter and I have spruced it up and it's nice to have friends who let you RP and post the stories that where woven!

D & Collan, Part II

Amanda Fisher

Part 2 of D and Collan's story, they go to D's secret home, the home that noone ever knew he had, it is impossible to get there without D's help for magic surrounds the place


Jessica Jordan

Another one of my characters.. I'm so fond of them! A slave girl. Updated for a buncha stuff.

A Love Not Broken (Unfinished)

Molly ~AnthyLorrel~ Barist

This story is based on the life of one of my RP characters. So much happens to her that my friend eventually poked and prodded me into writing a story more strictly based on the RP as compared to 'Country With No Direction' which was mearly based on RP, with the characters... So here it is. Its unfinished at the moment, at starts some what in the middle of her life, but don't worry... after I finish this, I will be going back and writing a prequel.

Chasing Sunlight

Jenna Flynn

Inspired by Stephan Crane, dedicated to all five of the Stephanie's I know :)

The Road

Jenna Flynn

A song by my RP chara, Kenshi. She's 11, and got someone to help her write it :)

Torrent's Story

Mandi Blake

My role play character Torrent's story. This is all the stuff that has actually happened in rp with her.. excluded pieces here and there..

D, Chap. II

Amanda Fisher

In this section D is faced with the struggle that he had been pushing to the back of his mind

D, Chap. I

Amanda Fisher

A story about my RP character D, This part is just the beginning of his life

In The Morning

Jaden Knight

Based on online roleplay, involving Medieval Jaden. (See main page for more info) A shadow from Jaden's past returns.

Eternal Vengeance

Michael Brown

A tragicly beautiful story of a man and his long lost love.

The Dancer

Kelsey Peters

This RP piece is one my character is famous for. I'd say it isn't erotic, its very seductive though. PG15 maybe? Please be kind...this isn't polished yet, but it gives you an idea.


Jen OCarroll

Ok so not so much a story, more a sort of conciousness... this was written for a roleplay I was doing with my dear Friend Robbie.. The idea was that the characters had located one of their old friends journals.... difficult though it was to descipher, and partially in annother language some passages could be read.. it's cryptic, but that's half the point. The person Web talks about needing to protect is his son, though the child himself is unaware of this fact.


Jaden Knight

Based on online roleplay, involving Medieval Jaden. (See main page for more info) Jaden suffers after a fight with Meriden.

Moments of Quiet

Danijela (Lady Jackal)

'...And the dreams come, and the soul screams. But the body doesn't awake, the mind blissfully unaware. So the soul is tortured, for it is the soul remembering, and suffering. Age multiplies the pain, for as the mind healsslowly, the soul does not. Another night of pain for the one known now as Kien, once more than just an elven elemental mage, more than the quiet surivor of centuries, friend of a numbered few of the Castle residents. And so the soul remembers, good and bad, of the past its endured, and the future it fears...'


Jaden Knight

Based on online roleplay, involving Medieval Jaden. (See main page for more info) Jaden is bitter over a former lover failing to visit him when he was hurt.

Let Me...

Elena Larson

Gaelyn is actually one of my characters, and this was a solo which I wrote for him... never completed it, actually... So, it's incomplete, as is Gaelyn.

Due North

Klair Scattergood

Sylva is an RP character of mine. This is the story of how he came to be a great shaman and adventurer.

Unlocked - I

Emily Kirsch

A key that brings you your greatest desires... a realm unable to imagine. A story that I actually scribbled ideas down before writing. It stars one of my favourite chars... Ivory. Sarcastic and clumsy when doing mundane things... not the perfect heroine. She'd rather run then fight. This one, I have a semi-ending to. I think.

Kenshi's Background

Jenna Flynn

Sorry this took so long to get up. Background of my characture in an RP game.