Unlocked - II

Emily Kirsch

A continuation, apparently, of the first chapter. I love how this one's coming along! Hardly anyone's read it... comments and critiques are always welcomed.

Nicholas & Kieran, Part I

Amanda Fisher

A character of mine, Nick meets up with another character of RC's named Kieran, it is their first encounter and I have spruced it up and it's nice to have friends who let you RP and post the stories that where woven!

D & Collan, Part II

Amanda Fisher

Part 2 of D and Collan's story, they go to D's secret home, the home that noone ever knew he had, it is impossible to get there without D's help for magic surrounds the place

The Game 3D1

Jessica Cannon

Six Months In A Leaky Boat: Our brave adventurers venture for more adventure in their private world, chasing pirates and eating Kraken on a mission for the Khan? Will they catch the slavers, or will efficient law men beat them to the punch again? No matter, for they've been paid already! Will anyone find out what sequestered mean, and when they do will they hit Sam and Amber, or laugh at them, spilling liquid through their nose? Another riviting tale of magic and sourcery, and rainbow chunders! Have I been watching too many episodes of Samurai Pizza Cats?

The Hunt

Alon Rand

This is the character background for an RPG character I'm playing. There are some copyrighted words in here that belong to White Wolf, since it's a character for a Werewolf:The Apocolypse game. This is only the first part. There are two more. I'm not sure if I want to put anymore of them up. I guess I'll wait to see what the reaction to this one will be.

Isine, this is your life!

A. Johnston

A brief history and a revised history of one of my older sister's RP characters that we wrote together.

History of Faryllia

Lauren Hughes

This is the story of a young girl in Elanthia named Faryllia Roentilast, beginning at her birth and ending at her apprenticeship.


G. 'Kat' Bird

This is the beginning of a story of one of my characters in RPG.

Winter Sun Chapter 1

Andrew Morris

This is a story of the Wars that proceeded the current story arc. This story will hopefully get the reader a bit more familiar with some of the recent events and landscape surrounding Ravenia. I have edited it particularly for the Wyvern's Library. I sometimes forget that a few of Brialyn's more colorful phrases are not for this forum... ;-) This is a work in progress and I hope you enjoy the ride.

September Incorporated

Danielle Agar

This is actually a pastiche of MUD experiences. All three of the characters involved are defunct, so I don't mind sharing it as much as I would if they were still functional. This is very obviously incomplete, but I have no intention of ever finishing it. Still, I think it suits the Elfwood mood very well. The MUD in question is Dark and Shattered Lands. I go through characters there like popcorn, but I find the location very fertile for the imagination. If the story piques your interest, check out www.dsl-mud.org

Alarielle's Story Part 3

Jennifer Power

The third part of this story, it might seem a bit rough (probably 'cause I never actually intended to up-load it) But it has been put up 'cause people seem to like it. P.S This may seem to end a bit abruptly but there is a reason, i.e. the last half a page had been written way after I should have been in bed so it needs to be rewritten. It should be in either the next up-date or the next part of the Story (assuming I ever finish it)

The Game 1D2

Jessica Cannon

Finding out what lies behind a dragon's siege suddenly reveals itself to be much harder than expected, as this group of rpg-ers find out, when politics and a minor (but un-violent) coup combine. Now with new dragon/virgin joke!

The Pureland Story: Chapter 2

Erick Mendez (Mushi X)

Chapter 2: The Trials and Tribulations of Ravv Quentis. The story takes a break from Seven's quest to introduce the other key protagonist, Ravv Quentis, and his dragon, Recco. Seven's journey is driven by the question: 'Who am I?' However, Ravv's question is more profound: 'Why am I?' Ravv has had to face a very tough childhood thus far. If not for his dragon companion, he might not continue fighting. Or living. I wrote this a long time ago (when I was 15-16), and I haven't gone back and revised it, either. So, ya get what ya get. I double-spaced each paragraph to make it easier to read.

The Greymalkin's Tale

Erin Goss

The beginning of the tale of the greatest witch hunter who ever lived.

D, Chap. II

Amanda Fisher

In this section D is faced with the struggle that he had been pushing to the back of his mind

D, Chap. I

Amanda Fisher

A story about my RP character D, This part is just the beginning of his life

Winter Sun Chapter 2

Andrew Morris

Wherein we learn of frying pans and fires.

Winter Sun Chapter 4

Andrew Morris

An unclean get-away.


Harriett Randall

Introduction into/excerpt from the role-playing world of BethicaThe love story between an Orcan king and his dragon bride turns tragic when his paranoia splits the family and leads to murder.

The Game 2D1

Jessica Cannon

Build a Better Mousetrap: One their second trip to the parallel world known only as 'the parallel world', our brave adventurers meet a group of merchants waylaid by slavers. Together, they mount a plan to thwart the slavers which may involved getting along with one another, and many innuendos.