What Once Was Lost

Jason Romein

This one's a cool one...it briefly explains why Toranet is so deserted =] It also is a cool story, of course =]

In dreams of the Twilight City

Marie Raven

Unfinished, first off... Something I started only a few days ago, and am a little bit stuck on... I know -basically- where I am trying to go, but... right now am pulling a blank as to how to get there. Little bit surreal, really trying to experiment with language in this one... comments more than welcome.

The Marionette Man

Brian D. Landon

A poem I wrote.

The Banshee

Melissa Canaway

Just a short (ish) poem I wrote a while back...hope ya'all enjoy.

Mercenary II The Gray Empire, Chapter one A Gray World *Censored Version*

Frankie Price

Well, it took 38 hours non-stop to finish this! This is my first story in a very, very long time. 15 years or around there. If there is any problem with the story please say so, I need to know, so I know either to make another chapter or not.Thanks: tumbleweed444

The Betrayal of Amaranthe: Chapter 5

Mercedes Boggs

In this chapter, we meet Kalor, a less than nice mage who snakes his way out from Falin's past. Ana is taken, and finds herself in Kalor's grasp.


Christa Nopp

After long years of wandering the realms of men I returned to the city of my birth. (And yes: the poem is supposed to look exactly as it does. Actually it took me an hour to get it uploaded like this.)

Rune In The Ruins Ch. 5- Ch. 8

Sarah Blizzard

Cin sees the Forest Queen

Journey Part 08 - The Arena

Al Howe

The past lies in ruins.

Journey Part 09 - Barnaby

Al Howe

All steps along the way...

The Dark Shard - Prologue

Ronnie Walton

Here's the prologue to the first book of a trilogy I plan to write. Tell me what you think of it and feel free to criticize all you want. Let me know what I need to change, what I need to improve, and whatever else you think would help me develop my writing skills. Thanks.

The Story of the Nemesis (3)

Cly Novak

Here is the thrid entree. Not as sad as the first two, but sad enough.

Tribunal Part VI: Fire and Angels

Jake Diebolt

Archol steps out from the Arsenal to face the Watch in a desperate attempt to slow them down, while Chara, Rant and Arika retreat to the heart of the temple to protect the children gathered there. To Kelsey: I'm sorry, and please don't kill me.

The Heart of Kuresh

Gabriel Duden

Coron has heard tales of a large jewel hidden somewhere in the ruins and has set out to find it. What he finds is far more evil.

King Larsen: A Whisper in the Darkness

Jevon Knights

Badly wounded, dragging a numb leg behind him, Larsen, a lean man garbed in a patched brown cloak, approaches a figure sitting on a throne just out of light's reach in a massive hall. The scene takes place in a ruined castle, worn from centuries of weather.

The Leviathan - Chapter 1

adam Greenan

 In a World of Islands, The Leviathan rises from the depths once per year to destroy. It only takes one and it never follows any pattern. Only the Order can predict what Island will fall and this year it's Aven.The lives of three Individuals are going to change forever.

Runes in the Ruins Ch. 9-Ch. 12

Sarah Blizzard

Cin gets a gift from Nadons father.

Into the Ruins

Dave Matthews

The episode of Mu that introduces the popular villain Tesni, the schizophenic nut case.

Dark Resurrection (pt 1)

Ryan Morini

H.P. Lovecraft was a huge influence on my writing as soon as I came in contact with his writing. I think it was after first reading his stories that I decided to try my hand at writing fantasy/horror rather than just thinking about it all of the time. So, this sort of pastiche-ish thing was inevitable. Some Lovecraftians have liked it, so I guess it can't suck too terribly much within the parameters which that style sets for itself. As I recall, I pretty much wrote this on the fly, having no goal in mind but Lovecraftian prose rendering some kind of story of a necromancer which would eventuate in his raising an army of zombies (this latter part never got written). Here's how it turned out. . .

The Story of the Nemesis (4)

Cly Novak

This is the fourth entree. This is where she meets her life long friend, Plague Scar, the adopted father of several dozens of cubs later on. He hasn't met with Hellcat yet (she's not even born yet). The end pretty much gives away the next entree. Sire chokes on raisins, but doesn't die, unfortunately. No, he's not dying for a little while longer. I'll eventually get back to writing it, one of these days. (*goes off and daydreams*)