In search of Dragons

Sarah Huxley

The original story for this was written when I was about nine, I just recently went back and reworked it into a better story using the same basic plot line. Kinda cute, the character's based on me. Enjoy! ^.^

Seasons Clash Chapter 1

Melany Peterson

This is the first chapter of My Seasons Clash story...It's about Lynn, a summer faery who lives with the autumn faerys (as a sort of outcast of society), who is one day bodily dragged from her bed and dragged away from the town she's always known...of course, she intends to escape...but so far things haven't been working out to her advantage

William's Chase

Matthew Herbert

William is chasing...something

Dream a Demon

Brittany Zayas

A weird little bit of a story I wrote a year or two ago. I'm not sure if it was meant to be the beginning of an actual longer story or what. I'm not sure if I'll ever continue it (I'm not sure what else should happen), but it does end without an explanation so maybe there should be more.... I'm not sure how I thought of it or why. It's mostly completely random.

Chapter 1

N. Bonina

The first Chapter in Chronicles of A Runaway Princess (The possible title for my story)

Sithael Chapter 1 - Riding a unicorn

Rachel Boyd

A girl enters the magical world of Sithael.

The heart's dream

Samantha child* Spencer

A girl wants to be a knight, yet society denies her the chance. And with evil rampaging close to home, unbeknownst by any, her gifts are needed even more and her will to achieving her goal of becoming a knight, grows every day ‘till she runaways. Will she be able to conquer societies ideals and destroy the ever growing evil? Only time will tell.

Devotion, Treachery (Chapter Two)

Christian Caldwell

The second chapter relating the events in the life of Tenier and Rika, right before they leave their hometown.

Valahondra of Youkdye

Brittany Brock

This story is about a young princess named Valahondra, though everyone seems to have forgotten her full name, just like her exsistence untill she's to be married, and lets just say she dosn't like that too much.. this is just the begining of her adventure.

The beginnings of the end

Elizabeth Dehn

This is a story about the life and times of a little guy named Obsidian .... enjoy

The Lone Wild Heart: Chapter 16 - The Tearful Journey

Christina Stoppa

Arcturus has just been dealt a terrible blow. Now he must face his grief over his loss.

Aysta Chapter 1

Brianna (Bree) Lawcock

The typical princess runaway story gone awry. Aysta, dragons, protectors, so on and so forth!

Spirit Wind's Silver Song

Crystal Meth

i wrote this for a character in a PBeM game of mine (silvertail). the small outcast runaway wolf learns of her place in life. a godly place, indeed.

Introduction to Vagabond

K. Anderson

This is a basic introduction to the background between Lawrence and Reuben. It's not necessary to understand the story, but a key element.

Lyda's Riders: Chapter One

Anita King

'Runaway.' I took down the original first chapter of this story quite a while ago, and have finally gotten around to trying again. The true fantasy elements don't really come into play in this chapter, but if you read on you'll see them in chapter two.

Powers that Divide Chapter 4

Suzanne Collins

Della loses her innocence, and provokes the unpredictable temper of her husband.

Mandie and Path

Heather Nicholson

So she's run away from home...and into a talking log! JOke: There were two muffins in an oven. The first muffin turns to the second muffin and says 'Man, it's getting hot in here!' The second muffin looks horrified and screams 'aaaaahhh! a talking muffin!' - important to the plot....hehe. enjoy!!!

Dragon Creek

Jessica McCollam

By the suggestion of a reader I tried to explain what happened to Kira to make her run from her home.

Empathy Part 1

Alia Jory

How the mages got hold of Kynthia (they get hold of everyone with magic sooner or later) and what happens afterward.

Banished Part One

Alia Jory

A new series, a new world, and a new thing to describe far too much. I got a bit carried away. In any case, I give you the first bit of adventures of a currently nameless main character.