Ryan Morini

This was a side piece written because, then as now, I was too involved with the building of some worlds to actually write much set within them. So I dreamed up a world with minotaurs and a blue sun. Other things were added, other stories were projected, this is the only one so far which ever found an ending, not to mention the only one to exceed two pages. Some people have liked it, some have said nothing, and a couple argued that the terminology and vocabulary doesn't really lend itself to a 'barbarian' tribe. . . I suspect those people haven't read many ethnographic studies of hunter-gatherers, horticulturalists, and what one might call other 'neolithic' societies. Sure, 'aqueous inferno' is a distinctly modern turn of phrase, but complex thought and language are pretty much the demesne of the human race on the whole, and not just the ones who have dictionaries and other such objects to expand their vocabularies to an unnatural extent. So in my defense, 'aqueous inferno' might just be the best translation of a primitive Minotaur-of-the-Mountain idiom for hard rain. Bah! Just read the story. . .

The Price of Runeknowledge

Raymond Myers (Mike)

This poem was inspired by the Havemal, a story from the Poetic Edda dipicting how Odin obtained runeknowledge and the runes. If you are totally unfamiliar with Norse Mythology it probably won't make much sense to you.

Fated Fallings

Adam Quinn

This is a rough draft of a story which better helps to describe the past of one of my RolePlaying characters, Kortham Grimard

The Fallen Moon Part 14

Jake Diebolt

In the windswept shadow of the Fallen Moon, two forces prepare for battle.Broon the Immortal marshals his cavalry against the Gifted horde of the Apostle...but the Apostle has no intention of playing fair. With the Seer blinded by his wards, he seeks to end the battle before it begins...This is the second-to-last part in the Fallen Moon series, not including the epilogue. Almost finished! I'll try and post the last two parts more quickly.

The Fallen Moon Part 8

Jake Diebolt

One month after the burning of Estel Harbor, the Rebellion is stretched to the limit defending Sorrowdale and Saint's Landing from the Gifted mutants. Sylva and Gregg, ragged and tired, return to Sorrowdale with grim news.And deep in the heart of the Moon, a much-changed Rost Grimhand meets his Lord for the first time...

The Fallen Moon Part 6

Jake Diebolt

Sorrowdale is in grief yet again, suffering the losses of their sons and daughters in war with G'rell.  Amidst the pain and sorrow, Sylva Grimhand must come to terms with who and what she is - the Daughter of Lesfyth, a Seer - and with the nature of the young Captain, Gregg, a potential ally with reasons to hold her in distrust...Meanwhile, Rost Grimhand continues his harrowing journey across the northern wastes, to his final, terrifying destination: the Fallen Moon.

The Hidden Language Of Crabs - Archive Part 002


There is a certain beach on a peninsula of Thailand where the crab trails spell runes. Today they left an unusual message.

Gypsy Moon

Erin Coats

A gypsy woman moves to a new town and tries to assist the people by using magick. They turn against her when things go amiss.

Rune In The Ruins Ch. 5- Ch. 8

Sarah Blizzard

Cin sees the Forest Queen

Shadows in the Sand

Christopher R Regan

Starshadow spends an interesting day in the desert homeland of his beloved Arëanna and gets more than he bargains for.


Blake Lewis

A story about a young girl braving the Labyrinth to emerge triumphant!

The Fallen Moon Part 13

Jake Diebolt

Now but two days' journey from the Moon, Sorrowdale's army has become increasingly demoralized and despondent. Broon gathers his captains around the Seer, hoping for some last-minute intelligence. What he gets is not exactly what he had in mind...

Senja - Prologue

Amanda Jönsson

The prologue about my heroine Senja. This will be a series, I'll upload it as i write the chapters. I have much planned for this girl.

Runes in the Ruins Ch. 9-Ch. 12

Sarah Blizzard

Cin gets a gift from Nadons father.

Runes in the Ruins

Sarah Blizzard

The first chapter that tells about the past.

Quest Seekers

John Reds

Meet Ike and Klyd. They will be the main characters of all the 'Quest Seeker' stories. Some things you should know: The Quest Seekers organization are entrusted with tasks such as keeping the peace, exploration, research, and anything that will promote the growth of the kingdom of Kyror. Next, runes are the basis of all magic. Finally, there is no chronological order to this or any of the other 'Quest Seeker' stories that are to come.

Unforgiven - Part 2

Mike Tierney

The second part of this story, it follows another character.

Godhunter Part 1: Genesis

Jake Diebolt

The city of Herettica has rebelled against the rule of the Emperor Tibidosis II. In response, the Imperial Fist has been dispatched to crush the city and enslave its people. Harild Onestar, leader of the rebellion, can see little hope in fighting the powerful Runic armies of the Empire. This story is set on the continent of Goddsfall (a very different world from my Arsenal stories). It was originally part of a novel I was working on as a kind of historical backstory. While the novel is on hold for a while, I feel the character and snapshots of Goddsfall's history are worth developing as a series of short stories. Enjoy!

Godhunter Part X: Nemeses

Jake Diebolt

The Godhunter, reeling from his memory storm and desperate for a god to slay, advances upon the Season Wheel at the heart of winter.Meanwhile, St. Arin has plans for Casia Onestar, the Godhunter's sister. But as always, winter has its own agenda.

The Dragon Kingdom: Chapter 2

Daquan Blackwell

The second chapter in my novel. Hope you like it:)