Reality Check

L. Price

A poem I wrote circa 3 a.m. on Tuesday or Wednsday. You tell me what it's about.

How the Hell Did I Get Here? - part 1

Sean Daily

This is my first story on Elfwood about one of my two favorite races, the calerre. Take a wacked-out Discordian Taoist Zen lunatic, take away his fear and any concern he has for the opinions of others, then give him a dragon's head and wings, make him immortal, and you have a calerre. They've been with me since college, and I love them with all my heart. This particularly story concerns a calerre who'd just come to the planet of Gideon. It's a great start. The problem is, I had no idea where to go with it for the longest time. Suggestions are deeply appreciated.

Chance encounter

Jessie Fairbrother - Lambert

This is a poem I wrote when still at college; slightly awkward but still pleasant enough for me to include. I was imagining what would happen if someone stumbled across a very large dragon when wandering in a forest... and, as often happened at the time, it fell into a rythm and then a poem.

Six Years for Ten Seconds

Justin Krueger

This was another story inspired by the lovely QCS test we have. BTW that's the Queensland Core Skills test, a fun two hour test just for writing, followed by three others, on other things. Fun. I also shortened this and sent it in with my uni folio.

The Shadows of Xavier

Nicolei Arnold

Most everyone believes that they are protected by a guardian angel, but it's different when it comes to this man. Xavier has six shadows that guard his life with tooth and nail.

Running Red Part 3

Carrie Ott

The third part of the short story, Running Red. Once again, I hope you like it!


Claudia Verwoert

The pain and agony keeps getting worse for Julian.. How more can he take? Why did they hate him? his eyes? his dreadfull eyes? He continues telling you his story.. feel with him and bring yourself into his life..... ^_^ *note* To honour and thank carolyn Anderson for her beautiful drawing of Julian when he finally discovers his answers... Her character Jason enters my story briefly, but he will have a more important task later on


Chyaz Samuel

I have never done so much thinking, planning, editing, re-editing and re-writing. This is my favourite piece so far, and it is dedicated to the one and onlyMuffin Girl, because she is the most fantastic editor. Thank you Alice for taking all the time to do this for me! Enjoy the finished thing, this is for you!


Brie O´Reilly

Oh, revisions. One day I would really like to be able to read one of my stories and not find some fault in it. Right. This short story was written as I worked through some of my own fears. I've always thought of Fear and Panic as real figures that spend their time torturing others. The general response has been a request for more with these characters, and I'm beginning to give it serious thought. Stay tuned. Oh my! A little gold star. Thanks bunches to my fellow mods, and everyone who read it!


Mark Kramarzewski

Well, this is my first non-depressed poem, its not happy, but I think it has a sense of freedome to it. I actually wrote this while I was running, but its meant a little more metaphorically

Losing Blood, Chapter seven

Stacey Twiggs

The hunter Lenaye senses that Morgan might be in trouble and runs to help her. White Onyx decides to get into the middle of things as well.

Children of Silver, Part 1

Holly Burpo

Part one of the story... This was written about a year ago, when I was thinking about how people interact, especially when 'love' gets involved.


Rachel Morgan

This is a great story for you beginners who don't know my transformer vocabulary. This whole conversation was going through my mind during a football game. As soon as I got home I wrote it down. Have fun!

Freedom's Flight

JessiLee Milakovic

This was an experiement both in personification, and a stanza arangement of 7, 8, 8, 7 sylables. I liked the way it turned out. I hope, when you read it, you see Freedom as a swift little Falcon, and Terror as a nasty little rat. Thats the animals they were supposed to be. (Hmm, it realy isnt personaification, if I wasnt makeing them PEOPLE is it?) Inspired by the events of 9-11 but written several months afterwards.

Demon story part 3

Chelsea Pizio

As of now if you're stilling reading up on these, I am asking you for a name for my demon character, if you want to see it look at my gallery for him.


Theresa Cargill

This is a story about a vampire being hunted down by the people who once loved and supported him.

Eon--On the Run

Amanda Timmerman

This is the next little bit of the story of Eon from "Outcast Savior".  I don't think it is as good, as the first part stands on its own and this does not, but here it is anyway, in case you were wondering what happened to him.  I hope it entertains you at least a little!

Rakkor's Journal; Entry 4

Michael Keith

The Fourth entry in 'Rakkor's Journal', part of the 'Allusions' series

The Cost of Freedom

Carrie no.

This is a story i wrote for english class and decided to put it on for the sake of putting it on. tell me what you think and ill improve in it. its really really depressing and sad and it made me have a sad day today... but its ok

Running Red Part 1

Carrie Ott

The night-murderer strikes again. With the death of yet another elvish noble, tensions rise among the few who have survived this long. But are the ruthless assassinations committed at random, or is something more…logical…at work? Desperate, the nation seeks help in the form of the peculiar elvish sleuth Ryaer, an all-business kind of half dark elf. With such a hard case to crack, even the nobles have little faith in him. But the killer is close, right under his nose. And Ryaer knows it. Comments and criticism greatly appreciated! I don't have any problem with you leaving negative comments. If you do though, please at least tell me why you said what you said. I'm always looking to improve!