Elizabeth Cordes

This is an excerpt from a novel that my friend and I were attempting to write. It's about a general who gets flung back in time to gather the scattered shards of the light crystal, which balances magic with the dark crystal. Anyway, I don't think it'll ever get finished. Sorry if most of my works here are unfinished. I know, it disappoints me, too. hehe ~_^ And sorry if it's a bit long; didn't want to split it into two separate things.

Mother Kat: Chapter 4

Emilie Finn

Wyvern's Project 5, chapter four. More of Rob, Sarah and Gary.

Mother Kat: Chapter 1

Emilie Finn

Wyvern's Project 5, first chapter. Introducing Mother Kat and her world.

The Dark Hills

Stephanie Forrest

The Dark Hills was written spontaniously in a chat that I played a bard char in. You can probably tell (as I can) that it was written on the fly with a lot of other things distracting me. I'm putting it up because it later inspired a story, of the same name, that I am rather proud of. I lost the hard copy of the short story so I don't know if I will ever post it but I hope I can recover the comp file and post it for referance.

A Mermaid's Tale

Derek Shore

A friend from ElfTown (Cathook) drew a picture of a mermaid attached to a shps hull. After weeks of talking about it, she challenged me to write the story of how it came to be. Well, here it is. (The story changed a little from her original, but she sounded happy with the changes. THANKS CATHOOK!)

Mother Kat: Chapter 2

Emilie Finn

Wyvern's Project 5, chapter two. Rob, Sarah, and Paula.


Eluna Ardito

Strange things seemed to happen in town. Beautiful young boys disappearing and winds having their own minds. Devious minds. And how about that long forgotten memory, that suddenly appeared again? Was it real or a trick of the mind?


Brenda Dale

Men believe they know the decree of their gods. Perhaps the truth is they should not interprete the gods' will without their conscent. This story is about a place where the gods have required maiden sacrifices. The true form of the gods could not be farther from the truth.

Sacrificial Spell

Bryony Stubbs

A chant I wrote for a drama thing. I got to be sacrificed! Tee hee hee. Anyway, I feel it's fairly self explanatory.


j. lawrence

this was inspired by an article in National Geographic, i don't remember when. it's supposed to be about a civilization like the mayans, but not quite. i'm not sure if i like it.

Actual History of Valentine's Day

Brittany Cade

Forget St. Valentine and all associated with him, this is the real sotry behind Valentine's Day. :-)

Vorlana's Past - Part 4

Christine Augustus

Hurts heal as a vampiress finds welcome and perhaps love; dark clouds threaten to shatter her fragile peace.

Emryss 3: Initiation an It

Alix Fowler

A most singular Initiation into the Red Sun Order, and Kedar Edan.

The Strength of Cassion Prologue

Amy Ames´ Perkins

This is the prologue to a story that I have not yet finished. It concerns my main character and actually explains many of her actions in other writings that i've started. It's meant to be cryptic. I've made some of the changes suggested, they're minor, wording issues. This may also be reworked and rewritten, or I may include an alternate point of view version in a different story/flashback. Haven't quite decided. I refuse to tell you who these characters are. But you can guess =D

Promise - Part 01 - Sacrifice

K. Gripp

This started with an idea that I've had in my head for years now, and I finally decided to put something down on paper. It is the first part of what should become a decent story. The first part introduces some of the main characters and as the story progresses other things will become more apparent. Let me know if you like it by leaving a comment and I will hopefully write the rest of the parts faster.

Midnight and Amber Chpt 3a

Sandra Wagner

Babes in the Woods- Meeting up again with Landros and Adrick, as well as her newest friends, Rog and Keltree to rescue a group of missing children

The Rising

Justin Privé

This is the first part of a Vampire fiction I intend to finish one day. It is a little bit disturbing, so you have been warned. As the title suggests, in this fragment a vampire is resurrected and takes over the command of his coven. Enjoy!

Heart of Atirien, ch1, pt2

Terese Mörtvik

This is a story of heroes, reluctant and voluntary. This is a story of love, lucky and unlucky. This is a story of fate and being all that you can be, whether it be easy or not, whether it seems right or not. We are who we are and will always be, in life, in death and beyond.

The Regent of Souls p2

Sandra Wagner

Chapter 2: Joseph brings Sorieya home with him to Halifax to a very mixed welcome and discovers something going on that is abhorant to both of them

Synn: Chapters 4-6

Nik Rode

Part 2 of Synn uploads, diving deeper into main character's past and troubles, includes Chapter 4: Interlocking Rings, Chapter 5: Acts of Mercy, and Chapter 6: Taciturn Blanket