Archangel Saga: Archangel of the Flame

Alexander Hoffman

This is the first in my Archangel Saga. It is the story of Tylell, destined to be the Archangel of the Flame.

The Siege of Stonehaven

Sean Daily

The destruction of the dwarven hold of Stonehaven at the hands of bloodthirsty orcs is one of the most moving in all of dwarven history, and its chronicle, 'The Siege of Stonehaven', one of the most moving in all dwarven literature. I challenge you to read it and not be affected.

Hanni, Chapter 11

John Larsen

In this installment in the series about the time-travelling boy, Hanni, Hanni continues his journey as he leaves the town of Crid in Mora's chariot. But a dark, evil creature awaits them as they leave the village, and Hanni nearly encounters death!!!

The Sunrider Saga Book One: Chapter Two

Elizabeth Walker aka 'Moth'

Lachlan, our hero, returns home after that disaster with the last heiress only to find that a new, richer and even lovelier one is now seeking his aid and the aid of his brothers. Can Lachlan trust this mysterious beauty? Can he risk trusting her with anyone else?

George The-Not-Quite-A-Saint And The Misunderstood Dragon

Silvannen Gerrard

Here is the sequel The Princess, The Dragon And Harry The-Not-Very-Brave  and is the second part in the Saga of The Misadventures of Harry The-Not-Very-Brave. However, this story can still be enjoyed without having read the first one (though it is recommended). This is my take on the legend of Saint George, and was inspired by a beer poster that I saw a while ago. Once again, it is at least meant to make you smile if nothing else. Hope you like it!

The Astral: Part 2

Nick Burke

And now for the part where you learn WHAT the astral is (finally). This third story (or rather, second part to the second story)explores the world called 'The Astral', and we finally get a gympse of what Odin and Loki fortold.

Reaper's Child

Nick Burke

This is the first story to a saga that I've created. It introduces many of the key characters, and brings us into the world that the following stories are based around.

The Sun Rider Saga Book One: Prologue

Elizabeth Walker aka 'Moth'

This is the prologue to the story where we are introduced to our hero. He's on a mission at the moment, escorting a rather obnoxious girl to her wedding. Very dull until they get attacked...

The Sunrider Saga Book One: Chapter Three

Elizabeth Walker aka 'Moth'

Iolanthe and Lachlan set out on their dangerous journey together. And trouble finds them much sooner than either would have anticipated.


Simon Pettersson

Now here's a pretty weird experiment. I got the idea watching some musical (I forget which). I thought to myself 'why are there no musicals in literary form? There could be poems instead of songs, but the idea would be the same.' So I wrote a little 'poetrical', as my degenerate mind wishes to call it. It's basically a short-story with a few poems in the middle. Tell me what you think about it. Special thanks to Christina Feindel, a.k.a. Willow Nocturne, for reading it through and pointing out every single error I made (and I made a lot). The quality of this is thanks to you, Willow.

Bladesinger: Journeymen, continued...

Nickolas Dilmore

continuing with Bladesinger,book 1:Sunder Forging, part 1: Journeymen.

The Saga Begins

Erin Bankhead

Times are hard in Kestria, and the people live under the tyrannical rule of Raegdar. Daemon, former Commander of the king's army, longs for the days when Kestria was ruled by a good and just king. Then he meets the mysterious young man, Brannoch, and notices there's something incredibly special about him. Could he hold the key to saving the kingdom?

Traveling to Cailleach

Erin Bankhead

Brannoch and his companions begin their journey to rescue Cynllun.


Jesper Angermund

A poem of evil dragons and a man to challenge them. The observant reader will notice i used the same rhyme twice, but i just had to.

Remnants of the Dawn: Lost to the Living

Dante Thompson

Taken from the personal journals of Priestess Renata the Matryr.24 Mistmoon, 2312...My servant and friend Emarosa, has discovered my romantic envolvement with Aichlan, my gaurd. Though I doubt she did so intentionally, she has given Cardinal Lucien the arrows he needed to ruin me. Curse these women and their gossiping tongues! As the Priestess of The Order of Dawn they can do nothing to me, directly at least. Aichlan however, he shall not be so fortunate. They dare not execute him or strip him of rank and title lest this damnable secret come to light. Should the virgin Priestess turn out to be a hedon and a whore just like the bisops and priests, what then will the people believe in? No, he would be left to toil in obscurity in some menial post and I would be left with my sadness as was before. Oh, but the gods do surely have a sense of humor! This madman from Xanavien has chosen now to bare his fangs and march upon Briternica! Leave it to that sadist Lucien to find oppurtunity in suffering, he has given orders that my love take an army to Arlien. No doubt it is there that they hope he will fall in battle, be it from the enemy before him or behind....The reports I hear are disturbing, Rhodarcium, Catharone and Aes Sidhe are presumed fallen. If I in Elysia represent the heart and soul of Silex then Rhodarcium and Aes Sidhe represent its limbs, sword in one hand expansionist fingers on the other. I can not fathom how Xanavene of all places amassed such an army as to defeat them. I hear the name Osric said quite a bit, but no one seems to know who he is exactly or where he came from. Some have saiid he comes from Asketill, the nation of mages, but it remains unconfirmed. It is my hope that Aichlan survives, though I can not shake the feeling that this is the last time I will see him again... 


Bryan Harrison

This is a piece from a larger collection called The Autumnlands Saga. This is the beginning of Sereth's change.


Sarah Hagen

Once upon a time, The End. Darkness can hide nothing when the very enemy you face is darkness, something purely evil that grows off fear and all malevolence associated with its shadowy invisibility.

King Arthur

John Lee

The Second Chapter in my story, following on from 'Richard'


Andrew Euston

This is the second chapter of the journey of Takeo. It is as of now unfinished but I thought i would put it up to see what you thought of it

The Astral: Part 1

Nick Burke

This next story explains a few of the more confusing parts from the first one, as well as give a second perspective of exactly what happened to Cole, Jessica, and Benny.