The Sacred Part One

Kate Pirate' Riley

This is the First part of my Guardian angel/part samurai story. The main character at present is a shadow demon/guardian angel. I don't exactly know where this is going yet (still) and unfortunately deleted the previous one and all of it's comments last time accidently. Annoyingly. Well comments welcome, criticism too. Enjoy

The Last Sword

Paul Mather

A holy warrior, cast out of his order, seeks to destroy the evil which has slain his old comrades.

Mrilla Blossoms

Joseph Wartick

A Samurai's most sacred item is a blossom from the beautiful Mrilla Tree.

I Know the Way Home

Natalia Kostylev

I wrote this in my LiveJournal in the middle of the night several months ago. I don't really know where it came from, but I've become rather fond of it. It's more like a vignette than a story, but whatever. I prefer vignettes I guess, because they're more in the moment and they don't move from that moment. Anyway, the quote at the beginning is what inspired it... the guy was going to be a samurai specifically in the beginning, but as I realized I didn't really know much about samurais, I decided to stay vague to avoid insulting the samurai tradition with my ignorance.

Nekokaburi Chapter 1

Jason Allard

During the last decades of the Tokugawa regime, a magistrate is sent to the distant frontier of Hokkaido to investigate a mysterious beast that is killing beast that is killing peasants by the dozens.

Invincible Empire: Visions from the Past

Marijke Mahieu

This is my own IE project story. If you are interested in participating in this project then follow the link or read up about it on the Elfwood Bulletin Board. As stated on Bryan's bio page and on the messageboards, I have Bryan's full permission to use the settings and characters of Nearly Invincible and Invincible Empire.For those of you who aren't familiar with the background for this story: Invincibles are a special type of warriors. They fight with weapons that are called 'shaknas'. There used to be an old Invicible order, but this has been replaced by a fierce and ruthless Invincible Army, led by Grandmaster Yakira. This story gives insight in the past of the former Invincibles and shows how the new world order is set up. Since it goes back into time so much the jump in tenses and the shifting PoV's are delibarate. A story about pain and more ways than I wish to explain...

Forged Chapter Two

James Gager

Chapter Two...

Forged Chapter Nine

James Gager

Chapter Nine...

Trial of Swords Part One

Justin McNary

The journey is only starting. Kumo, Kage, and Mayuko have only left the village, but they will be greeted by some horrible creatures. Hope you like.

The Princess Samurai

Sophia Cowan

A young battle maiden was taken in by a retired member of the Emperial Palace, who perfected her fighting technique, and also taught her how to be a princess! In a time of great strife in the Emperial Palace, has their princess truely returned to them? And will the one who seems to be most concerned about finding her prove trustworthy?

Crimson Blade: Chapter 00 (Prologue)

Chad Wilson

This is the prologue of a story that I'm writing. I have no idea how long it's going to be

Warrior (Parts I, II, & III)

Andrew Rice

A short story about a true warrior's involvement in a revolution of cowards, a revolution aimed at the destruction of such morals and lifestyles as true warriors lead. Definitions: kai-rek - A style of the katana taught only in the northern mountains. It is a style that holds magic within its mystical moves. There are very few masters of this style.


Andrew Euston

This is the tale of a ninja warrior named Takeo. It takes place during the battles that took place in Japan during the 1600's when Oda Nobunaga attempted to crush the Iga and Koga Ninja for their defiance of his total rule.

Shin No Ippo 2

Brandon Christ

Jay continues his mission in this installment, and enters a battle with a telekinetic. PS: Von Dagga can be interpereted as 'Jeez,' or 'Holy Crap,' depending no the usage. You can usually put it into context anyway.

Forged Chapter Five

James Gager

Chapter Five...

Forged Chapter Three

James Gager

Chapter Three...

Forged Chapter Six

James Gager

Chapter Six...

Solid Cocoon - Edge of Enigma Taster

Greg Henderson

This is a taster of the very first story in the series. This one is based upon chinese / japanese culture. I try to relate to different cultures with each story rather then just sticking to the same old thing. This story contains: kidnap, ninjas, samurais, ghosts, monsters (as usual), clans and legendary weapons and armour. It is an emotional journey with lots of characters to like and hate.

Takeshi's Castle: The Gauntlet

Jason Allard

Ren, a ronin in the employ of General Tani volunteers for a dangerous mission to help bring down Lord Takeshi's mighty fortress. Inspired by 'Takeshi's Castle' the Japanese gameshow brought to the US by Spike TV as 'Most Extreme Elimination Challenge.'

Crimson Blade: Chapter 01

Chad Wilson

The first chapter of my story.