The Swallow Nest 2

Ana Salinas Norbakk

The retelling of the Arkethame wars. Chapter 2: Blood and sand

Time Part 1

Jennifer Knight

I can't think of a thing to call this other than 'Time.' This is a sort of autobiographical story told by Leah, and since it seems to be a bit long, I've put it up in separate little parts for patience and sanity's sake. (Though, if I get asked enough, once I'm finished - because I'm far from it - I'll put the whole thing up as one large, very large story.) In this part, Leah first encounters a woman who will lead her life with the influence of only a graced, occasional presence while playing in the sandbox.

Sand, Sword and Senility

Raoul Meuldijk

An insane wizard creates a weapon of sand.

Dark Legacies: Chapter 6 - In the Sands of Wrath

B Trimble

The mysterious paladin enters the forbidding desert of Kagero's Wrath seeking the fire runedisk. Will the paladin succumb to the land's intense heat or the great creature guarding it?


Karla Yen

This will be my first piece of writing published on Elfwood! This is rather personal - I did have three angels in my life last year but they're gone now. Please leave comments and helpful criticism!

3 : Castle Caran

Milla Lindqvist

Now we find out just how much trouble Sares did cause by saving Windsong's life.

The Girl: Chapter Two

Kristin Bremmer

The white-haired girl gets caught in a duel...

Dragon Hunting

Heaven Benford

In the future a prototype time machine has been made. It fell into the wrong hands and the creators as well as many wonderful aspects of our future have dissapeared.

Dreams Drowned in Sand

Leigh Erickson

This idea just pounced on me late one night and wouldn't let me go, so I had to write it down. Can't say much without giving things away... so go *shoos* read! For Eli for all her editing help *bows* I am most grateful!!

Desert Winds

Galit Oren

Inspired by my friend's drawing (the link to her gallery is on my main page). Written October 2002.

Time Part 3

Jennifer Knight

A rather brief encounter. Leah is thirty-three, and bringing her own daughter to the park, and having yet another conversation with that woman she first met twenty-six years prior. Again, if you haven't read the preceeding parts to this story, you'll be horridly lost, and I don't want that to happen to you, so please don't read this unless you've read parts one and two.

Shadows in the Sand

Christopher R Regan

Starshadow spends an interesting day in the desert homeland of his beloved Arëanna and gets more than he bargains for.

Sandbox Golems

Alison McKenzie

A little girl creates people in her sandbox, and they come to life but are abandoned when her playtime comes to an end. This plays with the ideas of creation and imagination, though in this story I think it's the adults who are in a fantasy and the child who sees the truth.

College Dragons chapter 8

Michelle Appleby

Chapter 8 in the story. Kelsey is now talking with the other dragons, learning about each other


Ruth Petroff

again, i am not sure how this poem came about. it just sorta did. draw your own conclusions.


Monica Hintz

Sometimes our dreams are filled with desires, sometimes they are filled with fears. The dreams in this peom are filled with both, but sometimes fears are not bad at all.

Hemlock Island

Danielle Like A Fox' Foster

(Thought bubble for an English assignment.) Pirates have come to poor little Dennis' island! Whatever shall he do?! Have a little fun of course.

The Frown of Night Ch 4

B. Landon Hurley

Part four of my slightly disturbing saga about a man's adventures in the afterlife. Comments welcome!

The World All Before Them Ch 10

B. Landon Hurley

This is the next chapter in my slightly disturbing saga about a man's adventures in the afterlife.


Rebecca Dias

Four Fantasy Limericks... Read on! Be amused! April 2007