The Children's Room

Andrew McCaslin

In dedication of christmas, I have wroten a

Great Uncle Nick

Paula Lenon

 Honestly, I didn't know what this poem was about 'til I read it to my dad. He explained it to me. Thanks, dad. :DApparently, the speaker of this poem is a girl who enjoyed the magic of Christmas. But something happened when she turned nine. The magic seemed to die. Maybe someone told her Santa wasn't real, I don't know. But Christmas wasn't the same. Until she had her own family, and with her young children the magic was reborn. 

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Krista Williams

Yet again, more randomness is poured upon my page. This was a result of having a lovely rendition of a song that this infamous poem is set to stuck in my head. Suddenly, I pictured Swell Well (from Glo 'the Bug' Bowden's Trench Coats and Love Notes walking around at Christmastime with a big, red bow around his neck, and possibly some mistletoe handy. The characters are from the story, and I have her permission to post this. Madison 'Callisto' VanDenBerghe gave some editing suggestions, which were excellent. The original poem was written by Clement Clarke Moore (1779 - 1863). Enjoy! Spoiler WARNING: If you've not yet read TCLN for yourself, this contains spoilers. Don't do it!!! Go and read the story first!!! )

A Seasonal Tale

Mia McCauley

A lonely hermit helps his community in the worst winter storm seen in the realm of Syndar. A little late for this winter, but better late then never. All Gods day replaces our Christmas. Rather then celebrating one god's birth, it celebrates the genesis of all

Santa Claus comes to Night City

Rúnar Magnússon

A short cyberpunk-genre christmas parody. It would have been uploaded over the holidays, if not for a conspiracy of problems and an editing snafu.

The Anti-Santa

James Wyatt

A darker tale of Christmas Cheer

Maybe I Don't Want To Be An Elf (Part I,II,&III)

Kathleen Casey

Not all elves are the same, especially Craig Erickson. Craig is the kind of Elf who like's to sit back and let the world pass him by...and while he does that, he unknowingly affects the world with his hilarious chaotic infectious stupidity. Here are three parts of The Craig Adventures....The Stereotype: Elves aren't what they seem to be....The Leprechaun : Where would you hide YOUR gold?....The Girlish Tree Faeries : why Craig just hates the outdoors...Enjoy =)

Santa Claus, Medieval Secret Undercover Agent: Episode Two--- Electric Boogaloo!

Paul Doyle

More plot this time! (Thanks, Laurel Biles!) The laughs are still there, I fervently hope, as the silliness introduced in Episode One unfolds . . . More faithful to Thomas Abrahamsson's 'Old Man' pic than Episode One. Enjoy reading! The title has been inspired by that 1980's urban dance drama thingy, 'Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo.' A great title, right up there with 'Sorority Babes at the Slimeball Bowl-a-Rama' and 'Metalstorm: the Destruction of Jared-Syn'!

Doesn't get any weirder than this( X-mass story)

Ana Barbulescu

Santa is in for a shock. At least that's what my character thinks......

Santa vs the FBI

Richard Starfield

Ho. The spirit of Christmas is willing, but the flesh is weak. Ho. Santa Claus is coming to town. Ho. You'd better watch out... Ho.

Dragon's Night Before christmas

Danielle Hulsopple

Santa believes even dragons can have christmas presents

Santa Claus, Medieval Secret Undercover Agent---Episode Three: Evangelize This!

Paul Doyle

Santa Claus/Fripp the Bard, along with his cohort Blitzen the Reindeer/Frapp the Bird, REALLY gets sidetracked by a most unusual sort of tree person. I originally meant this to take up no more than a page or two, but it sort of grew on its own. This means that the original second half of Episode Three will now be a good chunk of Episode Four! It's introduced at the very end of Episode Three. Have fun with this one! It's typically insane.

Santa Claus: Medieval Secret Undercover Agent----Episode 1: Good-bye, North Pole!

Paul Doyle

A badly worn out Santa Claus is whisked to a fantasy world by the Prince of the Elves to act as an undercover agent exposing the evils perpetrated by the Dark One threatening the whole world. This is simply part one of an ongoing, funny satire, and not meant to be taken seriously for a nanosecond. This story has been inspired by silly comments I left Thomas Abrahamsson about his 'Old Man' picture, before I joined Elfwood. (Technical glitches fixed, 6/24/03 . . . new font, too)

Santa's First Gift

Grace Cruz

Another Christmas story. It's about the reindeers going on strike- one of them gives a speech to Santa.


Tianna Brown

This is just a cute little story that i wrote for English class.


Elizabeth Gerrow

A christmas story for everyone! :o) It involves some people I know & their likes & stuff. Happy reading * Merry Christmas!

Christmas Time

Yuan Lim

I wrote this short story at the dead of winter, feeling somewhat depressed by the weather. I don't celebrate christmas, but this is how I think Santa works in the modern world. *** I have made changes, so hopefully this reads more smoothly!

Why Christmas will be on December 26 this Year

Michelle John

My writer's group does a challenge each month where one of us provides a topic and we can choose to write a flash fiction about that topic.  This month, naturally, it was 'Christmas.' Some people might go for heartwarming renditions of family and affection, but not me.  Enjoy!