Of Players and Poets: 11

Lauren Christine

I'M SO SADDDDDDDD! THIS IS THE LAST CHAPTER! Well, no, there's the epilouge.... Ahh.... i'm still sad! Hope you liked this story.... *sniff* *sniff*

Her Ways

Heathyr Smith

Just a short little description I wrote of my alter ego in fantasy life, Katiana Steelhart Bourne Nashon. I like this story alot!

Legend of Aliah

Ryan Reynolds-Stickney

A tribute to the Queen of Ice, part of the standard repertoire of any respectable Ailurian bard. Yes, my darlings, I have finally actually written music for it and will perform it on February 27th at my senior recital.

Sapphire Eyes Part Six: The City Of Caves

Athene Grele

Where you first realze how sweet and charming Sil is.... And the possiblities of Magick. (I love spelling it like that)

Dragon Sapphire - chapter 3

Sarah Sinclair

The third chapter of Dragon Sapphire. Finally, the little rabbit awakens, and gets a name. Zak continues his journey to the tower, but not before a little bit of comic relief between the trio.

The rag doll of Seirian

Gwladys Sarie

Seirian, the copper salamander, and her friends, Muirgen and the other travelled with an airship with the island of three nymphs, limnades (nymphs of the lakes) to find a treasure.

Dragon Sapphire - chapter 4

Sarah Sinclair

Chapter four of Dragon Sapphire. Zak finally enters the tower, meets the other Dalyn heads-of-element, and catches a glimpse of a strange figure.

Dragon sapphire - chapter 5

Sarah Sinclair

Chapter five of Dragon Sapphire. Let's see...in this chapter there's a dramatic escape, a colorful flight, and a mysterious floating island. Read the chapter to find out more...

The Black Rose Part 2 - Bakator

Andrew Law

Yay!! the second part is UP!! wooo! lol yea im a lil crazy this arvo...but you get that occasionally. I suddenly had the inspiration one afternoon infront of the RUGBY of all places!!and so i wrote it down, modified it a lil and tadaaa!! we have another chaptery thing...i hope you enjoy it!

The First Meeting...

Heathyr Smith

The story of how Katiana and Damien first met....

The Sapphire Staff: Prologue

Sheena Robichaud

Well....just a story I've been working on wit Minotaurs as the main characters, and yes this one is going to continue and yes I will continue Journey of a lifetime....I'm just a bit too busy right now

Dragon Sapphire - chapter 6

Sarah Sinclair

Chapter six of Dragon Sapphire. Desaray is finally brought back into the storyline, and a new character is vaguely introduced. And I do mean vaguely.

Dragon Sapphire - chapter 2

Sarah Sinclair

The second chapter of Dragon Sapphire. Zak's past is revealed, along with some interesting new characters...

Dragon Sapphire - chapter 8

Sarah Sinclair

Chapter eight of Dragon Sapphire. Further clarified are the mysterious voice in chapter 7 and the mysterious girl in chapter 4, and the dalyn heads are finally brought back into the storyline again.

Sapphire Eyes Part Seven: A Forced Escape

Athene Grele

I'm not all to pleased with this chapter's title, but oh well.... It's acurate, at least. Note: It picks up RIGHT AFTER the last chapter, so unless you've JUST read the last chapter, the beginning of this one ain't gonna make sense. Enjoy!

Sapphire Eyes Part Five: An Unexpected Visit

Athene Grele

Duhduhduh...... *eerie music*


Kelly McCarthy

A girl of thirteen who thinks her life is boring and filled with normal, picks up a book from the library that changes her whole life. With her cat Wishing and a Wishing Star, Sapphire discovers who she is.

Of Players and Poets: 10

Lauren Christine

Alice, Liz... please don't kill me for ending the chapter like this... there is more in the que as soon as this is published. Or maybe i'll write the end before i send in this ticket. Choices Choices!

Dragon Sapphire - chapter 1

Sarah Sinclair

The first chapter of Dragon Sapphire. Moons, monsters, and maidens with killer panthers. A little unorthodox? Of course...

The Sapphire Staff: Chapter 1

Sheena Robichaud

Here's the first chapter of the Sapphire Staff, the other was the prologue