Alone We Stand

Chyaz Samuel

This is my first update in literally a year. This is a little poem about the niceties of Satan and Hell (so, light reading then). Hope you enjoy.

Small Selection of Horrific Stories

Bart Meijer

A couple of stories I wrote a few days ago. I tried to put in a subtle hint of horror, and I hope I succeeded, please comment!!

Sacrificial Spell

Bryony Stubbs

A chant I wrote for a drama thing. I got to be sacrificed! Tee hee hee. Anyway, I feel it's fairly self explanatory.

Dance of Shadows

Robert D

A story I did back in 2004, was actually my first Elfwood work.

Eli Rose, the Prologue

Eliot Grace

How Eli Rose meats with the Devil, and Discusses IT

Fairrin Book I ~ Chapters 1-3

Twyla McKee

A princess runs away from her matchmaking father, and finds herself in a land of legend... If you have problems understanding some of the words I use in the story, what they mean, etc, just take a look at my profile :) There is a little bit of a glossary up there to go with my stories for you all! Update, 4July08: Tiffa drew up two of my characters! You can find Princess Jessica and Prince Derek here:


Amy Downum

A horror of religious nature and such. Also a practice in symbolism centering around religious themes. Notice the Seven Deadly Sins? Happy Halloween everyone! :D

A Hope in Hell - Act I

Jon Fnar' Stevens

The beginning of a metaphysical tragicomedy in 2 acts

A Tricky Thing

Brianna Kennedy

I don't know... I was thinking about World Humanities and strange things last night. A sentance got stuck in my head and wouldn't let me sleep until I wrote everything out. Satan did kind of have a legalist view on things huh? God had a more... Confucious... ist? view on things. Satan: Everyone is bad, punish them right away, given the chance they'll do the wrong thing. God: Everyone is good, give them the chance they'll do the right thing. I don't study the bible, that's just what I know; and I'm not even sure of it. Well... enjoy, comment. Critique.

The Reaper

Ian C. Sinclair

Well, this is a poem I wrote a couple of years ago and forgot about. I just recently thought of it and decided it was suitable. Moo-san.


Kalee Eder

Something.. its unfinished...

Angel Fallen

Rob Slocum

My view on what happened when armageddon began

Deirdre 1

Simone Michaux

This is the next in the Deirdre saga...enjoy :)


Melinda Reynolds

God refuses Lucifer's and Satan's Petition to repeal the Decree to Serve Mankind; Satan sets the Rebellion in motion

Slithering Sin

Robyn Petrik

Just a few words describing the work of the devil.

The Scars of the Bene elim

M.L. McAlister

Another midnight creation. Just gotta go with the flow of creativity.This is a little tale about the fall of my fav angel, Satan. :) gotta love him. Carry on reader, and enjoy this dark tale of pain and brooding.Please:)

Song of Fornever Pt1: Prologue

Jesse Whisper' Cloutier

The tale of a vampyre who being so consumed by his lust for blood is afraid of entering an eternity where he will not be able to drink his fill and will be forced to live in the shadow of his addiction... he takes some very desperate action. you'll have to read to discover anymore than that! tell me what you think.


Paul Silva


Erin Washburn

This is the story of love at its height. Whether you beleive in a god, in many gods, or in the demons, or nothing at all, I think you will find this story interesting.

How Do You Punish A Demon? Oh, That's Right, By Sending It To Hell

sarah tasker

Just a story that I wrote for English last semester....There's more to the story than just this, but it hasn't been written yet and is still molding itself in my mind.... *********************************************************** Ok, since the school year has begun now, I'm just uploading some random stories I wrote last semester for English, and other random ones I wrote over the summer. With my classes it's going to be hard to squeeze in recreational writing, so there will not be a lot going on here (not that there was in the first place, but now there will be even less, so).