Emily Morgan

Part one of my 'Earth, Sea, and Air Trilogy'. It tells about how I came to realize that something was wrong in my 'perfect' world of life. (laughs at naive self) I noticed changes that I wasn't ready for, and people changing that I didn't want to let go of. There's a lot of influence from some of my video games, along with some of my favorite books, so bear with me. I haven't worked on it in a LONG time, so help would be great.

Fate Spins

Tambra Lindstrom

A poem I wrote when I was bored at work. But now a story about 3 young heroes is in the works!

Shapeshifters - 4

Ben Brannan

The fourth chapter in my story. When we left off, Blade and Esani had been captured by some unknown being and left to rot in a jail cell. How will they get out... ? 2,826 words, 5 pages.

Of Death and Heroes CH III

Michael Alias' Homer

Just thought it was something to think about.

Of Death and Heroes Ch's IV & V

Michael Alias' Homer

Is it better to have died a hero than to have lived forgotten? Just thought it was something to think about.

The Blue Stone

Megan O'Shea

A young man searches for a stone to save his family, as does a greedy king. (A work in progress.)

Saving your beloved

Sandy Hileman

Some one kidnap's a vampires wife, how will the husband reclaim his wife? **Short prologue up**

The Maldonian Chronicles 03: The Mission

Jessica Cannon

With Onca facing death, Tyrax takes her to be healed by those who want her life.

Deep Scars - Chapter 1

Delray Faskey

A young warrior named Aerth finds his life turned upside down. Due to his failier to harness his power at a crucial moment in time, he must set out to fix his mistakes before the demons start the apocolypse of his planet, but to do so, he must first learn his true potential.

An Empire Worth Saving

Tammy Janeen

Well, this is a little story I wrote for Vicci. She was ... well, if I said it would give it away. You'll hafta re-read the title when you're done to get the little pun in it! ~_^

Watch where you step

Neomi Geva

William Teo, whose wonderful art you can see in gallery 71, asked me to write a story about his RPG character, Karezael Silvernight. The details he sent me sparked up my imagination and William liked the result. So here it is, a look into the character of a half-drow that's both a deadly opponent in battle and a kind hearted soul.

Ryia's Wish (A unicorn's tail)

Sarah Schaeffer

Detail's, details, the devil's always in the details. Here's a story about elves and unicorns.

The Dawning

Samantha child* Spencer

The power within meant to bring the past to the present and change the world for all time

Mermaid's Kiss

Diana Moon' Schmuckal

I wrote this for school. I wrote it during science class. On my science notebook, after I got the assiment


Jamie Creature' Isfeld

He had watched her sit there every day, just drawing in her book until the bus came. I somewhat relate to the girl in the story. She has her world, I have mine. I wrote this in two hours, so it's not very good. As usual, please leave one piece of constructive criticism with any comments you may have.

Unforgotten: Prologue

Michael Curtis

The Premise of this story about how important it is to know you're past, and who you come from. It also deals with a choice they have to make. Do they kill or try to save a life, so without anything else check it out. This story centers around two of my characters Midnight and Emotion, two extremely powerful telepaths that have to deal with the thoughts and feelings of people all day everyday. They'ce been tasked with the job of protecting a whole dimension by there boss, and they're conifdent they can do it. But what they don't know is that this is a test, to see if they will do whatever it takes to save lives and insure that the worlds keep spinning

The Sentinal, Chapter III

Stephany McLeod

The third chapter of the Sentinal

Darkening Nightmare

Nicolei Arnold

This is a poem. The storyline is meant to be spoken calmly. And the action line (Starting with 'I') is meant to be read contradicting to the line.

Save the Child

Jennifer Meadows

An early story about Katanya, Metallicus, and their daughter Nicolina. It's not very good quality, and I didn't feel like trying to fix grammar or anything when I uploaded it, I left it in it's raw form. This story came from other private story trades.

Run Oh Run Faster

Kristie Baker

Poem Describing Epic Flight from The Demons Of Hell