Christmas Poem (poetry)

Crissy Moss

An angel visits a man on christmas morning. This, along with over 30 other poems, is avalible in my new e-book. Check out my website for details.

Chapter 2- The Little Girl

Brienna Critchfield

Chapter 2 is a whole different section then the first chapter. This one is about a girl named Morgan..and I don't want to spoil the rest..

Chapter 3- Striker and his Gang

Brienna Critchfield

Now, back to the section about Larae. Now she encounters this guy named Striker. He looks like a bishonen (pretty boy) but he isn't all what he seems

'Idhra' chapter 0 (prologue)

j. lawrence

firstly, i changed the title in hopes that it might be put in the correct order. sorry for confusion. now, this is set in europe, but other than that, nothing is like it is now. all characters and incidents are fictional.

Aliaya's Story ~ Chapter 2

Stephanie Walls

Story ~ Sect 2/?: Aliaya finds herself alone and unprotected. Theres nothing she can do but continue or go back to her father. She continues on....

The Werewolf of Derkerston (Chap 1)

Jessie Hoesing

This is a li'l story chapter that's Unfinished but this is how far I got when I started it. Started writing it about... when I was 13-14ish. Tell me what ya think about it and maybe I'll try finishing up the chapter and writing more for the story... It's a werewolf attack thingie... okay just go read it now.

The Red Bat(working title) Chapter 2

Christina Colman

This chapter talks about Lacosya's life in more detail.

A Night's Conquer - Four

Carly Silverton

Just go read, people...pweeeeassszzze.

A Night's Conquer

Carly Silverton

Just go read, people...pweeeeassszzze.

The Sorceress of Foria- Part 2

Valerie Pyles

Yes, there is a part two! Lina wakes from her coma tose state only to find Sage watching over her. The healer, Viyana, and Sage bicker out in the hall while a mysterious child attacks Lina.

Creeping Closer

Rachel Lawlor

 Another rondeau, this time about a monster.  Little children are tasty!

...Your Flesh is Sweet

Rachel Lawlor

A Crapsey cinquain in iamb.  I've followed the tradition of titling the cinquain in a way that it can be read as a sixth line.


Stephanie Maynard

Wrote this last year and filed it away. One of my dear friends ('Moony') adores this poem. I think its meh. So Monny, this is for you. It fots pretty much any setting, Medevial, Modern, Future, because the central theme of the poem is timeless. No matter how many Evil Overlords, Cruel dictors we overthrow, not matter how much money donated to charity, how many people in Peace Corps, there will always be suffering. Out there in the world, kids steal and/or work in factories or mines to live. There will always be the streets, the underworld and nothing can ever change that. Depressing note, eh?

Sad Ghost

Nik Hanis

This is a story in a poetic form about a man who is hunted back by his own victim.

Chapter 19

Opal Parkison

Someone shoots Umerin down... No, that isn't good.

Alone (Poem)

Jennifer Jacques

I wrote this one day when I was feeling particularly scared of the shadows.

A Night's Conquer - Three

Carly Silverton

Just as always, this stroy is better read then summarized. by now you should have an idea of the story, so just go read it. Leave a comment too please.

In The Woods

Rhonda Jezek

Things I almost remember given flight.

On the Other Side

Nicolei Arnold

The forest was quiet; the moons had been lingering in the sky for some time now. Fresh snow had just fallen and was beginning to transform into ice. All animals were asleep, all life was still.

A Night's Conquer - Two

Carly Silverton

Same as before, promise to be my usual and getting more into the romance.