Once more for Paradise

Mai Zhang

One Library scholar finds out the danger of missing the forest for the trees.


Anna Panda' Simmons

Skoller is just the froggish spelling of Scholar. This is one of my earliest poems, and one of my favorites.

In All His Glory

Janell Poulin

A young woman's life is turned upside-down in this short story. She tracks down the killer of her father, only to be faced with a nasty surprise. If you have any questions, please comment. Why did I do it? I wrote it for a contest on Elftown. And just to write.

False Heir: Chapter 3

Katie Hallahan

Chapter 3 of False Heir, a story in progress. Scira struggles with the upheaval of all she's known, while Niemh gets a friend she wasn't quite expecting!

The Upside-Down Palace - Part 1

Jamie Foley

This is my attempt at a fairy tale. It tells of young Prince Julian and his quest for the Upside-Down Palace. I've told it in first person, which isn't my normal style, and as this is just a beginning I'd like opinions on whether I should continue or if it's just too cliche.

False Heir: Chapter 4

Katie Hallahan

Chapter 4 of False Heir, a story in progress. A threat on Scira's life leads to a late night escape for her, Niemh and Scira, despite the friction between the heir and the apprentice.

Mage of Memory

Elizabeth Wilcox

The beginning of a new story (or, rather, an adaptation of a really old story I began in junior high school). What do you think? Should I continue, or shelve this for a few more years?

The Dragon Prince: The Nursemaid

Tia Kingsland

A young girl is a slave to dragon's on an island.  With the death of the Dragon Queen, she finds herself taken to be the nursemaid of a newly hatched Dragon Prince. 

False Heir: Chapter 2

Katie Hallahan

Chapter 2 of False Heir, a story in progress. A slip of the tongue lets Scira in on her own family secret....

False Heir: Chapter 5

Katie Hallahan

Chapter 5 of False Heir, a story in progress. The pair make their first stop in a small town, while their absence is discovered, and get into trouble with themselves and with someone else.... NOTE! This chapter was almost completely revamped from the previous version (03.26.03)

Godhunter Part VII: Love and War

Jake Diebolt

The Godhunter, along with Imril the Blind, have crossed the Stepped into Ifarla, at last hunting worthy prey again. But they themselves are hunted, by a smoky nightmare of bone and stolen flesh...

Prologue: Mystic Explorer

Barbara Hise

A mystic explorer explains the intent on exploring the world where she will eventually come across such creatures as faeries, troll-like creatures and so forth. An adventure is about to begin.

Fall of the Elden People (1)


Just something I started to write out of the blue. It kind of wrote itself. Now I have an idea of where to take it though. Don't know how long or short it's gonna be as of yet though.

Dusk Of Innocence: Chapter 10

Danielle Reynolds

Troubled times have beset the land of Crolis. Undead, monsters, demon, and barbaric raiders have upset the normally peaceful land. Three adventurers brought together by chance now search for the source of the trouble. The heroes arrive at Argenault, only to find more tragedy. Note: All spells are untranslatable. Any 'foreign” languages used will be translated by footnote in the text.

Asmara's Bane - Chap. 5

Anna Ångel oƒ †he Ab¥ss ) Zorawski

Chapter 2

Jessica Wiles

Emma attemtps to uncover some truth behind Mars Pravus, with shocking results.

Arboris Libris Divinus

Itova Ssinssrig Sythr

The beginnings of the journey of an automaton drenched in arcane magic and the power of nature.