Just Another Pet Story

Deborah Cullins Smith

For the older folks in the 'Woods, maybe you can relate to my memories of a beloved pet! Topsy wasn't your everyday cat or dog.... She was MUCH bigger! Since Jim Bowers and I went to high school together, I wrote this for a Writer's Group meeting I attended while visiting him several months ago. Just a touch of humor...


Elisabeth Jones

ok, this is a shorter story than elemental alliance and I'm aiming for 6 chapters. Thanks to Bryony, Rebecca and Eloise who are the characters in this story, though this bit is completely me.

Aloft Mist Part One


This is the first installment of many in my story, Aloft Mist. If you go to my Fantasy Gallery, all the pictures with character names will be added into this story, including the Ram-Fairy.

Academy Chronicles Ch.5

H. Coyne

The ill-fated incident of the Dark Eldar and a snooty Hind, with some drunk peasants to boot.

First Dreams

Ashley Muraszewski

Lyda is drawn into the world of the semi-paranormal: a sensei (yes, sensei) who believes she signifies all the bad things in life, a ghost boy who lured her into getting his body back, and a slew of mythological creatures she must battle.

Sendrid's Story

Peter Gabancho

OK like everyone else I've read Harry Potter and it got me thinking about what the life of a young sorcerer would be like in a more traditional fantasy setting.

Elementals - 3 - Chapter 1

Jessica Seefried

This is the first Chapter in the Elementals. It shows a glimps at the original ten Elementals and how they discovered themselves, and found the Merlin.

Elryn: Chapter 6

Brian Saul

All in all, after much fiddling, I find I'm reasonably happy with this chapter.  I didn't like it at first, and never could figure out why...but I've grown to enjoy it.  I've also played with it a lot, and think managed to work out most of the little things that bothered me.Let me just say though, I love Violet.  She is a blast to write.

The Quest for Aphecelle: Chapter 1

Caitlin Sims

Things are now beginning to come in to place now that Catherine has turned 18

'Idhra' chapter 1

j. lawrence

Jake 2 - Revised 12/9/00

Andrew Casey

Jake finds a new home at a very special school away from everything he knows.

Forbidden Existance Chapter 2

Ivy Charlotte

This is Chapter the Second of Forbidden existence. Let us return to the tale the bore forth from the dark corners of consciousness and reality, from the places where they meet and become forever entwined together.

Once upon a time...

Christine Jacqueline Schepens

This? This is about a girl who is an exchange student between 'the other realm' and the world that humans believe that they solely exist in. At first no one is told that the 'other realm' exist... plot line from there? HA! Have no clue! Merging of the two schools? Invasion of mortal realm? Magical creatures to the rescue? Evil alien domination? Aliens want to attack, ask for surrender. Humans cant defend themselves, suddenly magical creatures appear, human/magic alliance... magic used to created weapons and defence systems...etc... jock/elf attraction? Jock descendant of wizard? Jock just human? ... *sigh* I really don't know...

Echoes of the Chosen, Part II

Amanda Ellis

Well, yes, I have more than just the first part done. So, without further ado, I give you... THE SECOND PART! Yup. Not much to say. It is what it is. You learn the first person narrator's name now. That's good. I feel bad for him. But, then again, this is who he is. Enjoy! (Oh, I'm sorry that the transitions between the pieces are a little harsh. It's his style and, well, it's meant to be read as a whole. Hopefully my wonderful readers can forgive me. Can you?)

Allora and Rick

Amy Lawn

Sorry about the rubbish title, this is unfinished and short, please tell me what you think so far


Anne Vea

This is a story thats a little unusual, i do not write this kind of modern fantasy but the idea just popped into my head one day and i had to put it down on paper. The story is about a boy with a big problem and the strange way in which his problem is solved. It includes a beautiful woman, a weird shop and some forgotten magic, it was inspired by a horror novel i once read, i hope you'll all enjoy it !

Waking Dreams: Chapter Five

Holly Becker

Once again continuing on about Driel, Vahie and waking dreams. Poor Driel still refuses to admit to the obvious.

Unexpected Reasons

Jennifer OConnor

The story of a guy who dies in art class. Told by him, of course. This story took me FOREVER to edit out all the bad words *blush* as I tried to immitate the speech of the boys at my school. Anyhow, here it is, squeaky clean! UPDATE: Written in ninth or tenth grade... don't quite remember.


Jess Hickman

Brea is the new girl, a mountain lion/fox cross with a flare for Medieval style. Will she be accepted into the school of pure bred students?

Powers academy of magic:Kyara and Diego

Alyssa Watson

this is about where a girl finds out she has powers and is sent off to a boarding school, (powers academy) she finds friends with the telepathic group.......