Saturday Night Lights

Chelsea Castonguay

What happens when mysterious beings show up at a kegger?


Callie Richardson

This is a poem about a re-awakened lyon, after they have become extinct (in our story from WW III) and the humans have used the genetic material to recreate the species...and he knows, though the humans have tried not to have the animals find out about...they're not real.

Triska and Kuro

Daniel Kroon

This is a short little story of two characters my friend Jes and I played in a BESM game. Triska was a human girl that had been changed into a race called the Zansorath- a vampire type race. Kuro is a normal human teenaged boy who had been grabbed from the past and flung into the future. The other two characters, Darek and Kiyo are supporting characters. Darek is a swordsman of great potential and Kiyo is a fairy in love with him. Trisko 'recieved' actually stole a ship from the Zansorath, which is what they are currently traveling in.

What Flames May Come

Daniel Kroon

Another short story with Triska and Kuro. This one takes place a few months after the first. Triska is still discoving the weaknesses and strengths of the Zansorath and she discovers the most painful one in this story. I was trying to describe what it is like to be painfully burned, having suffered from a really bad sunburn myself... I hope it worked!

The Time Traveler and the Machine

Carol McFarlane

This short story is a Dialogue, and should be read as such. It is part of a larger story I am writing, but have no fear, it was made to be read by itself. It is my furturistic vision of consciousness, love and sex. It is also a representation of how I feel about my husband.

Dark genesis: chapter 1

Maria Sumpter

the start of my second serious attempt at a long story. (trust me, the first isnt worth it!) I dreamt up the storyline for my tech project . hope you enjoy.

Alignment chapter 4

Keith Trimm

“I’m getting cold! Kill me and get it over with.”

Alignment chapter 12

Keith Trimm

“I can’t let you do this,” Brenda said calmly. Sean didn’t have to turn around to know what she was doing. “This is wrong and you know it!” she added.

Alignment chapter 3

Keith Trimm

I just think it’s funny we call them ghosts.”

Neko's Tail (Pt. 1)

Travis Herring

Another look at what life will be like once Mankind has mastered the Human Genome. This time from a slightly different perspective...

Inhabitability Chapter 8

Christopher Heisserer

Chapters 6 and 7 are missing because it's on my girlfriend's computer. Sorry.

Invasion : Part 1

Emma Poyntz

A sci fi/alternate reality story where an alien race has taken over lands on earth at the allowance of the superpowers so they wouldn't take the rest of earth. Future sections will switch between the tales of both sides and others involved..

Where Unicorns Go

Callie Richardson

This is a story for my Future Lit class, loosely inspired by the last unicorn by peter s beagle

The Journal Part two

Joe Arenal

This is the continuation of my sci-fi series, No Man's Land. If you want to know more, you'll just have to read...


Jennnifer Burlingame

This narrative takes place about 90 years in the future. It takes place in America after a takeover by people who were genetically altered to be smarter, stronger, and physically attractive. An implant that changes the way people look, think, and perceive life was made available to the general public. All who did not accept the implant now live as fugitives. No money. No homes. This is the story of a father and a daughter who live within this terrifying 7world. The father, James Kevin Jefferson, and daughter, Ailsa Mary Jefferson, both tell the story from their own viewpoints.

Giant Assault

Jake Mickelson

This was written for my science fiction-fantasy final last year. It's the only story i've ever been happy with...and i figured i might as well put it up.

Sci Fi Poem

RJ Walsh

Probably the worst theing I ever wrote in my life. None the less, you can check it out. It's about the end of the world.

The Treasure Seeker

Casey McCann

This was something I came up with early in the morning (or late at night, whichever way you view it), and please keep in mind I was slightly tired while writing it, thus the quick conclusion ^^;;;. I have edited some stuff that didn't make sense (due to the drowsy state in which I wrote it), and am considering making a story out of a plotline I developed from this simple short story.

Alignment chapter 2

Keith Trimm

“Have you ever heard of Noah Black?”

Alignment chapter 5

Keith Trimm

She was a whole person, no longer transparent