The Progeny of Gods: Chapter 4

Aaron Miner

The location of Ahrahushaan has been determined and preparations for the expedition have begun. However, Wyrdman is uncertain about what the future may hold.

The Price of Immortality


I saw an article in some science magazine about how scientist were trying to find a way to immortality. And I thought that it was stupid. And I got to wondering what would happen if scientist did find immortality. And this story came to my mind... all right, no more to say.

Script : 'The Twins' (Working Title) - Act 2

Richelle Morris

This is Act Two of my script. It is based on this, which is the second chapter of my first ever Science-Fiction story.

Script : 'The Twins' (Working Title) - Act 1

Richelle Morris

This is the first act of a script I'm writing, partially for University, partially for myself. It's based on the story I already have, currently here. This piece is based in a world where cloning and genetic manipulation is no longer the debatable problem it is for us. A Doctor wants to becoem rich and famous, so he decides to create the perfect human. Unfortunately for him, in true Science-Fiction style, something goes horribly, unexplainably wrong. Keep checking back for more... I'll get there eventually! UPDATE: 23/05/2004. Well, I've learned some more html, and how to save things as html from notepad, so, yay, it's finaly working how I wanted it to.

Keep Up With the Times

Li Ling

That silly old scientist just can't keep up with the times! A poem for those who have trouble with new technology.

The Story of Daenar Firefang

Victoriana Ravenscraft

Daenar is not what he seems. A man of many talents within his critical medievil world, Daenar fights not only the unseen forces conspiring against him but the hostilities of his own clan, his own society. ~*~This is obviously unfinished and unedited. Please be gentle... lol I just wanted to put it out here for ya'll to see. I have great plans for this one. Thanx to all ya'll!

The Jungle Foray of Nelretch Balfridian

Michael McCloskey

A terrible end awaits Nelretch in the jungles of Quadnar V.


Christine Sixteen

A short story about a family man who just wants a little peace and quiet, and gets just what he wished for. I'm workshopping it before submitting it for publication.

The Final Day

Lucas Mannell

Scientists and Soldiers rally to destroy a massive comet headed straight for Earth

Eis Sturm

Abigail Oakley

Another RP char, though, I wrote this a long time ago and I never got to actually RP her. And the person who was going to RP this with her got his chara killed. *mutters* Oh well. It'll make a nice story. No, this is not finished. Summer, 2001 Update- Typos fixed. Yay.

Price of the Fallen

Kelly Jones

Done for AP English my junior year of highschool (and was rather rushed for time) - a love-sick scientist preserves his beloved for hundreds of years, only to lose everything he worked so hard for in two short days.

I win, Yahoo

James Healy

A poem I wrote several years ago about a villian. Each Stanza is a new attempt at world conquest.

The Twins - Section One

Richelle Morris

This is my very first attempt at a Sci-Fi style story. This is only the first section, as I'm still working on the other's. Updated: 03/01/04.

Mercury III: part two


The second of four parts. I recommend Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata for the Enforcer theme. ;)

The Chimp

Dewi Morgan

A description of life in a lab, from the viewpoint of the chimp. Not too rabidly anti-vivisection, I hope. This was written for a school assignment about a dozen years ago. I was (and am!) lazy, so this is one of the few pieces of work for which I recieved a half-decent mark. I guess this could just as well/badly have fitted under sci-fi, but I put it in horror so's not to upset anyone.

Dr. Valdemar presents Lydia, Part 2

Aurélie Scarborough

The next installment of 'Lydia'. This is shorter than its predecessor; apologies to those who were really looking forward to it. Anyway, here the continuing adventures of Lydia, Bunbury, Lord Alfred and Dr. Valdemar, and - *gasp!* - the plot thickens! Enjoy.

Number 14

Brittany Zayas

Out of 40 experiments, only 26 were successful. The 14 others were put away to be disposed of later. Until one got loose... EDIT: This is written terribly, but hey I was like 13 or 14. Some people did like it though, so I'm leaving it up until I (possibly) re-write it and replace it.

Harlens Story

Holly baby' Davidson

I am writing a Novle called Chaseing Death. Because each character is so indepth, i decided to write a short story about each characters dificult time in life. this is Harlens. you can also learn more about this story in my art sites, ant see pictures.


Manda Evans

This is ALSO a work-in-progress, hehe. At the moment it is very short. It will probably never advance any further, unless I get the sudden wild urge to write.^~

Mercury III: part one


PLEASE READ MERCURY EYE FIRST-- SPOILERS WITHIN!!The sequel that I probably shouldn't have written but I did anyway because I love my Mercs and couldn't resist writing about them again. :) This story is a continuation of the plot from Mercury Eye. Dedicated to Darian Lewis for 200th comment title.