Mare Maris (Sea)

Matthew Deagle

Just a somewhat surreal little thing describing the sea... Related to a character in a fantasy story I'm writing... I gave this to a friend once as a gift, I believe...but that doesn't mean I can't put it in Elfwood... Kind of a Celtic/Maritime air about it...and with good reason... The story I mentioned has to do much with Faeries, which as you hopefully know, were (and are) a large part of Celtic mythology...

A Prince for Eliiseth

Elizabeth Dehn

A cook's foster daughter falls in love with a prince and commits suicide when she finds out he is to be married. She haunts him and her spirit ends up killing him. In death they both kill his widowed wife.

Lady Marin's Story

Emilie Finn

This story introduces a new set of characters from a coastal village in a country to the far west of Lauralia. I call it my Louisa May Alcott story, because it's written very much in a 19th century style. Part two is in my Other Works section. (Don't ask me why this one qualifies as fantasy and part two doesn't...)

The Dragon's Plight

Jermaine Joseph

Even dragons dream... that was something that made me think. Oh well, enjoy.

King's Man (Tale of a Tavern Girl) chapter one

Deborah Sax

I am not certain yet where this is going, but it will certainly be an adventure and likely one rich with cliches and melodrama. How I love cliches and melodrama... I did edit this myself, but likely missed things. If anyone catches grammatical or spelling errors, or inconsistency, please let me know.

Not Enough

Maria Elmindreda L

This story is based on a very creepy dream of mine. Basically, it is my dream, minus the chaotic parts and memories from reality and dream lives.

Mother Sky

Chelsea Schetzle

A story within a poem, it's about the elements...

Catch of the Day (Part 2)

Cullen Groves

James, suffering from the mermaid's curse, must concoct a plan to face the sea-nymph and wrest a counter-curse from her directly.

Catch of the Day (Part 3)

Cullen Groves

James descends to the bottom of the ocean and through the merwoman's trench to her underwater kingdom. Involves a Beowulf inspired battle beneath the sea (very loosely inspired!).

The Caretakers of Peace: Book III: Chapter III 'Kyra's Dance'

Joel Meredith

I'm not particularly fond of this chapter, you'll find out why when you read it. There's another scene that I know I have to add for this chapter to fully make sense. Trust me: it is on its way.

The Game 3D1

Jessica Cannon

Six Months In A Leaky Boat: Our brave adventurers venture for more adventure in their private world, chasing pirates and eating Kraken on a mission for the Khan? Will they catch the slavers, or will efficient law men beat them to the punch again? No matter, for they've been paid already! Will anyone find out what sequestered mean, and when they do will they hit Sam and Amber, or laugh at them, spilling liquid through their nose? Another riviting tale of magic and sourcery, and rainbow chunders! Have I been watching too many episodes of Samurai Pizza Cats?

The Lioness

j. lawrence

This is on Kaba (finally. I added that little thing about the place, but never got around to putting up anything set there). Well, it's sort of on Kaba. John is in his own bed, sharing a dream with a friend on Kaba. Makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? Yeah. Right. And please take note: this time there is only one small paragraph in a strange font. I'm so proud of myself! Things are winding up almost normal! im doing better! yay!

The Tale of Years - II. The First Elf-Lord

Christopher Manica

Tolkien meets the Book of Genesis.

I Was The Last Unicorn

Sierra Sharee

This story is about a whole civilization of unicorns risking their lives to save one and how with a little courage you can do anything...

The Sea and the Palm Tree

Kristin Molle

If you've ever looked at my art gallery, there's a picture of a girl resembling a palm tree, and a blue-ish dragon. (yes, it's colored now!). Anyways, that picture was rather mediocre as things went, so to make up for it, I wrote this. The poetry itself isn't that exciting, but I still felt rather clever about the idea. I'll just hope two so-so's make a 'good'! =) I haven't gotten the illustration html to work yet, so just visit my gallery for the accompanying picture!

Elven Folklore Part 4

J Taylor

Culture Shock! Now travel to learn about the culture and situation of another tribe: Water's Life.

Mermaid Poetry

Karl Boivin

I wrote this in less than an hour but I guess the inspiration was there!

The Kiss

Kate Chamberlain

Well, in case you don't understand, it's pretty much about some sort of mercreature surfacing and drowning a boy. =P Wrote it a while ago. ^.^

Pirates - 2

Ben Brannan

The second chapter of my pirates story! Yes, yes.. I know. There's no fantasy elements in this one either. But the next one! I promise. I got it all planned out ;) 2,612 words, 5 pages.

Pirates - 1

Ben Brannan

Just like everyone else, I had to write a pirate story (inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean of course.) There will be fantasy elements coming in later (mythical creatures, magical items, magic in general, etc.) 2,012 words, 4 pages.