Vampire Story: Introduction/Background

Ellen Jurik

This is something that's kindof half been floating around my head for a while. I see it as a strong contrast to the Circle books which I am trying to write concurrently, like from different parts of my brain. Lighter tone, though it may not seem it in the beginning! Oh well. I think I explain most of it in the actual thing. Enjoy!

Star Kitty: The Legend of Felindoria

Avery Ashlyn' Thompson

In search of his sister, Star learns the Legend of Felindoria, the place where all cats originated, a story most special to black cats.

In A Dream State, Part 5

Elizabeth Avent

Is Kindle good or bad? Does Peggy and Devan find Kindle? What happens to Silver? Is the demon the end of her? Read and you'll find out!

Search for the Dragon Stones:Chapter2 The Woman in the Woods

Alyssa'Zel Osborne

the second chapter in the Search for the Dragon Stones

Legend of the Four

Ana Salinas Norbakk

The search for love may lead to many things... even to madness

My Wish

Hugo Schalkwyk

In the days before I loved I wished for love finding none, hating the search.

Chapter 12, Battle won, but what of the War, pt 1

Melissa O´Dowd

The aftermath of the Attack

Blue Shift Legacy

J Taylor

While some go through their lives blindly accepting what they are told they are, there are those who do not feel like they are what they are told. The adventure is discovering who they are, but it is also a horrible venture to go forth on. The beginning of my NaNoWriMo project for 2004.

Because the Night Chapter 1

J Taylor

'Our rivalry is only camaraderie.' Delve into the minds and thoughts of the creatures who wander so freely in the night; the ones who you were taught to fear as a child. Perhaps they are not what you were taught.

A Meeting of Minotaur and Dragon - short story.

Anna Smith

A short story I have finally finished, of about 18 pages. Originally a request by Lord Cobalt, a dragon on IRC, to show how he and my character, Kaz, met. Not actually carried out in roleplay, just sort of brainstormed between the two of us. Obligatory disclaimer: I'll say it now. Kaz is my main character used in roleplay, and others might find themselves mentioned or appearing. Yes, her short usename is Kaz. Yes, there is a series of Dragonlance books by Richard Knaak that features a minotaur named Kaz. Yes, I own them all. But! I did not steal the character! *grins* I happen to think highly of the author, and the race and world and culture he created. My Kaz, full name Kazanthi de-Arluun, is named in honor of both writer and his character, Kaziganthi de-Orilg. There's a lot they have in common, but my minotaur is not from Krynn, and her world, clan, past, and history are unique to myself.

The Hunt

Melanie 'Mistress of Chaos'

This is the first finished story from my world, Arnitakh. If I have anything to say about it, it won't be the last, but you never know with things like writers block going around. Luckily, I have a lot more classes of portuguese coming up, and I will be very bored in the future. Yeah, Elacia also may appear in future stories, but I don't intend for her to be a serial character or anything like that.

The Eyes of Gold (poem)

Kate Anderson

This one is kinda difficult to describe... But well, let's say it is like some immortal creature looking for a woman long since dead. The rythm was sometimes sacrificed to the rhyme, I belive - but, alas! it's never been an easy trade.

Lost & Found ad.

Marius Ernst

This is just another short story. A sudden idea that I just had to write down, featuring a man, a woman, a witch and a pendulum. I'm not quite contented yet about the way the ending is written, perhaps I have to rewrite that part a little.

Shadow-Dancing, Part 3: The Search

Rachel Armstrong

Ugh. I hate exposition, but it had to come in somewhere. Oh yeah, and I take it back, because I forgot about this particular subplot . . . it's part 4 that's really long, and this is the last part for a long stretch in a flashback-free zone. By the way, if you think Melar's a sexist pig, that's perfectly okay, he is. Just because he's a secondary protagonist doesn't mean he's completely likable. ^_-

Shroud of Deception, Prologue

Steven McClellan

Well, finally I decided where in my SciFi I would like to write. So, here it is... the beginning of a long story of humanity's future. Where I shall stop, and where it shall all start... no one knows.

Symaira: Chapter nine

Sarah Kerr

Eleanor discovers a note from Bethane, and becomes determind to find Luca. Meanwhile Vigo's plans thicken unbeknown to the rebels

The beheading

Frances Gibbs

An account of a dream I beheld on 22/03/2002. Although it has been spruced up a little, all of the actual events are what I dreamt. enjoy! :)

GGC - Part II - 5 - Thorns

Marlena Cannon

'The hatred isn’t his, she decided as she allowed his polite gesture. The pain of the mountain seeps into the air, into everything that moves upon it.'

7. Dawn's Search

Twyla McKee

Another story from the legend of Fairrin. A young fairy goes into the human realms, searching for her lost twin. She finds love instead... ~A Story from the Land of Fairrin~

Little horror event

Jennifer Hofmeister

I had a sort of morbid trip the evening I wrote this.