In Quest For (Chapters VII, VIII, IX)

Astrid Schmidt

Another three chapters of 'In Quest For.' Again, there are a few spells, all self-explanatory, but here are the translations in case you want to know what exactly it means. I am doing this out of memory mainly, so I am sorry if I did any mistake in Latin somewhere - I never had Latin in school ;) Elabi ex oculis = to vanish out of sight; Claude = to close; Volatus et vincunum = flying/flight and binding; Debilatio = to paralyze; Coporis Motus = to be in motion; Gladius = sword; Cade = fall

Blue Shift Legacy

J Taylor

While some go through their lives blindly accepting what they are told they are, there are those who do not feel like they are what they are told. The adventure is discovering who they are, but it is also a horrible venture to go forth on. The beginning of my NaNoWriMo project for 2004.

Maudi part 2

Herb Piercy IV

Maudi tries to sort out occurences of the past with the visions of the future.

Searching (poem)

Philip Stadler

One of the first poems I wrote in english for all who ever had the uneasy feeling of desperatly struggling in search for an answer to a question hovering just outside the grasp of ones mind


Amanda Sutherland

I wrote this while sitting outside a church waiting for my friend (who is now studying to be an Anglican Minister) to finish Easter Youth Service. Mmm... guess my religious preferences!

Lost Soul

Laura Wellington

Danny died and went to Heaven. This much he knew. But he didn't receive the satisfaction that those around him got on a daily basis. And no one will tell him why. Though when he finds out, he must do the unthinkable: make a deal with the Devil to save his soul.

The Talented (Part II)

Eleanor Wilkins

(This is continuing on from The Talented) This bit is one of those moving-ever-onwards parts of a story, which is why nothing really happens. I'll edit this part when I've written more.

In Quest For (Chapters I, II)

Astrid Schmidt

This is my first big story (and the only one this far that I have actually translated into English) that I wrote. It was supposed to be the background story of an RP-character of mine, but because people who read the first two chapters wanted to know what was going to happen with the characters, I kept writing... And those are the first two chapters, the original story.

Chapter 13, Plots Thicken pt 2

Melissa O´Dowd

Ah! Help has arrived... sort of


Jamal Forbes

This story followed my poem Alone. I became deeply depressed,And I played with the idea and used it. I decide to give a character a motive that followed my poem. Enjoy.

Maudi Part Three

Herb Piercy IV

Maudi's Delimna with Leyli


Herb Piercy IV

Maudi finds himself in the land of Darksun.

Ghost Dancer

Simi *Muffin Queen*

A ghostly woman will dance forever...and her husband will search for her until the end of time. Two poems that really need to be read together...sad stuff. Partially inspired by The Scottish Widow by J.E. Shannon here on Elfwood.

Garnet and Amber

L. Hoxie

A story of courage... A story of wit... A story of adventure... But most of all... A story of love...

Double-Edged Gun

Julian 'Llos' Greene

I had the idea for an odd poem title, 'Double-Edged Gun' whilst I was riding in the passenger seat of my fathers car, returning from a camping trip. We had Rammstein's Sehnsucht playing loudly. A bit louder than needed, really. I assumed it was because of the road we were on (Thin and on the side of a mountain) in case anyone was around a corner... But I'm losing track here. If I can remeber what I was thinking clearly, the image of a double egded blade (whether for a dagger or a sword, it didn't matter). About how people refer to a situation were you risk winning as much as you do losing (Or whatever philosophical meaning you want to think I thought about) and that kind of thing is refered to being a double edged sword. I thought to myself: 'That'd be an interesting thing for a poem.' But I thought Double-Edged Sword sounded old and cliched, very much overused, so I added a modern weapon class... And now I suppose it sounds contemporary, new, and modern (Yeah, right). Oh BTW, any artists who feel like a double-edged gun would be an interesting thing to try to draw, feel free to do so as long as you give em credit for the idea and please inform me of your undertaking.


Alyssa Korsmoe

a portion of Ellenroh's story, where the plot seems to thicken evermore

I: Pretty Monsters

S.L. Minton

Fledgling Chronicles I

The Search for True Death

Trevor Evans

This was inspired by a saying I heard somewhere, 'If earth is your hell, what would hell be like for you?' This is the story of a man, possibly a wizard or alchemist (I have not gotten that far yet) who yearned to be made into the imortal vampire, but in his deal with the Devil he only said 'undead immortal' so as punishment he was made into a ghoul. In his transformation he was subjected to operations that were much like torture to prepare his body, but also separated his mind. Now the multiple parts of his mind (which have all evolved into their own personalities) are beginning to coalesce and begins to realize that immortality is not what it was cracked up to be. However being immortal puts a cramp on ending his life, so he searches for True Death and eternal peace... it sounds hard to follow, but I did not intend for it to be!

In Quest For (Chapters X, XI, Epilogue)

Astrid Schmidt

... and those are the last three chapters :)

Betrayal's Warning

Jackie Blanchette

this is just something that i wrote when i was feeling sort of mad, it just seemed to sprout from my fingers.