Innocent II

Morgan Li

Part two... (need I say more? lol)

Cateract remote action part 2

Lizzi Scoones

Second installment to my remote action story, I'll come up with an apropriate title soon, honest. Sapphire's first day at her new school. She then comes back home to find a disturbing surprise.

The Dream - Part II (Tim's Journey)

Mathais A'Court

The second part to the Dream. This wasn't actually IN my friend Tom's dream that he told me about. But I decided that I liked it a bit, so I continued it. Although you wouldn't know that these stories were related at all, unless I told you. It's the other plot.

Twisted Blood Glass

Tam Blaxter

This is a small spontaneous piece of writing that I did, mainly to play with the second person and present tense.

2-The shape of truth

david Paoletti

the second part of the story

Ori and the Second Mate

Marianne Cassidy

Since so many people found Ori and the Water Sprites funny, I have produced a nice angsty piece to balance it out. Ori is now on a ship. Hooray! This is the edited version, all comments and constructive criticism welcome!

Passion Rose

Faye Sakellaridis

Third Installment of Passion Rose

The Gypsy Travels

Liliana Silva

First of all, it's a very tentative title. I'm not even sure if I like it that much. I love the idea of gypsy clans and that's pretty much the background for this.

A New Beginning Version 2

Savanah Stephens

This is the same story as the first's just been modified, I tried to take into consideration the comment left of the first version when modifying it...

Change of live part 2

Laura Janssen

This is the second part of my story Change of live. I'm sorry that it's so short but I just wanted to stop here.

Little Houses

David Daumit

Inspired by Orson Welles' classic film, The Trial (itself based upon a Franz Kafka novel), this story explores fear, complacency, and subversion by saying nothing and giving no reasons...

Second Chance

Pamela Lehmann

A loud boom sounds as the world is destroyed in a mage-blast. Now, the mage Ashra must go back in time and end the war that cause the blast. But to end the war, she must destroy the army, and that can be difficult. And she has her family again. How will she live, knowing when and how they will all die?

Silence ~poem~

Erica Martin

This is probably my favorite poem of my new ones I have posted. It has this nice end-of-the-world feel to it. I wrote it for a good friend after his Mom died, just so he would know that he can take a few minutes, and mourn about it.

Written in Starlight.

Meaghann Pilote' LeBleu

Second in the Darkened Realm Chronicles. Orionaa Amarth relives the last moments of her life before the Dark Ages.

The Vampire Leader

Kimberly Bennett (a.k.a Moon_Fox)

I wrote this a little while ago, and thoughtI had a better idea, and rewrote it. Come to find out that the other one sucked and I hope this one is better.

Chatper 2: Another World

Allison Dollar

The second chapter, what will happen to Mya and Hermes? Does she live?

Scifi Ch. One

Caleb Gerdes

I don't have a title yet, but its a work in progress...I think it needs a lot of work.

Reckless Power Chapter 2

Maggie Sherman

The second chapter tells of the trip when captured by humans, to their city in this foreshaken land.

The Astral: Part 1

Nick Burke

This next story explains a few of the more confusing parts from the first one, as well as give a second perspective of exactly what happened to Cole, Jessica, and Benny.

Faith in the Fallen-The Guild Wars Saga

Sarah Slater

The first tale of the Guild wars. A battle of good and evil and the three people caught inbetween. One of the light, one of the dark and the one woman caught between them. All three fighting for what they think is the right path. To save the Dragon ruled of Wyverniece, and the wells that protects all of them from the evil of the Abyss.