Secret Land

Emily MacKenzie

A poem i wrote for no particular reason

Poisoned Ones

Kathryn Gromowski

Hmm....once again, Adema was in my CD player and I a cranky mood, shall we say. This one's a tad odd. I'm not quite sure where it came from. CONTENT WARNING: This IS somewhat violent

Betrayal of Balance

Heather Bryan

You'll find that a lot of my work is in progress. This is yet another story that is far from being done. In fact this is actually a book that I'm working on. This is a taste of what's to come.

Ember Chapter 2

Allyson Cowan

I am truly beginning to like this story...please, I love input and editing suggestions!

My secret place

Jeff Arnold

This poem is about a place I go to when I meditate. It's full of strange and magical creatures, and houses in the trees. It's really a fantastic and amazing place i've created, but this is all i've managed to write about it :-S


Helen Lee

our souls..they hold the secrets of our lives and they know of the magic long forgotten...

Golden Star, Silver Moon (c3-4)

Julia Hoekstra

The Hidden Star, Part 2: Light

Rúnar Magnússon

A long time has passed since the sanctuary was last breeched. Now a group of adventurers hopes to succeed where all others have failed.

Asmara's Bane - Chap. 10

Anna Ångel oƒ †he Ab¥ss ) Zorawski

The Rainbow Stone part 2

Harold Alter

Tram, a legend, along with others, plot an escape of a Princess away from a King.

A Hero's Fire: Prologue

Shannon Sconce

A once peaceful planet ruled by an evil spiritual force, a slave race wants their freedom and there is only one way to take back the planet that was rightfully follow one man on his quest to become one with a secret flame that burns within his very soul and gives him the power to fight the darkness! (Very sci-fi :-))

Chapter 8: Payment for a Debt

Stephen Watkins, Jr.

A brief interlude; The old man Tarnasa seeks the advice and aid of an old friend and ally.

Chapter 4 Tree of Souls

Steve Serna

Every family has a secret.

Secrets and Shadows

Amy Mila

 A writing exercise I did to help me develop some minor characters in my novel.A language note:French/ French derived words:Père- fatherMère- motherSoeur- sisterMarquise- title for nobility de- ofAu revoir- Goodbyehors de'œuvre- appetizerFrère- brotherSpanish/ spanish derived words:Papa- FatherMarquesa- title for nobility equal to Marquisedes- ofChau- goodbyeDuque- DukeDuquessa- Duchessmi- myMadre- motherSwedishav- ofGerman:Nein- no

A Princess With A Secret

Oonagh McAreavy

Written to go with a picture drawn for a competition by that title: the competition was to illustrate the title using a photographer's stock material. Of course, the secret comes out in the end. Be gentle - I don't write fairy-tale style very much.

Trench Coats and Love Notes - Part X

Glo Bug' Bowden

And it just keeps getting crazier and crazier, eh?

Trench Coats and Love Notes - Part XIV

Glo Bug' Bowden

Two items of note: I quote Dylan Thomas' famous 'Do not go gentle into that good night.' The character Dark Horse says it. It's in italics. I'm not claiming it as mine, but it is old, therefore public domain. Item number two -- I didn't like how Chainlink summoned his winged horse before. I changed it. Now they use magic whistles shaped like wings.

Trench Coats and Love Notes - Part XIII B

Glo Bug' Bowden

Yeah, this next part gets a little abstract. I hope I don't disturb and/or offend anyone. Jamuy is Quechua for 'come' (at least I think it is. My knowledge of that language is restricted to what I can find on the internet.) Supay is, I think, the Incan god of the underworld, and a high demon in my story, the source of chaomancy, aka shadow magic. :P

Trench Coats and Love Notes - Part XI B

Glo Bug' Bowden

Argh. I hated having to split this up. Sorry if I chose all the worst places. It was hard to find good stopping points. Part XI is the result of me sitting down and saying 'I'm going to finish this story by Christmas, dang it. And I'm gonna do it in twelve parts!' --and then working hours and hours on it nonstop. By the by: ADB stands for Agency Data Base. I have a request for my Mod: If there's anything rejectable about this section or any other of Part XI, please reject all the sections after it as well, so I can fix the problem and make sure my readers only get their stuff in order. It wouldn't work to have C before A or D before B, you know what I mean? Thanks. Enjoy. :)

Trench Coats and Love Notes - Part VII

Glo Bug' Bowden

And so we come to the falling action from the climaxing of Part VI. Here we meet two of my favorite characters; Rook and Hoodwink. :) Hmm hmm hmm, delightful.