Feathers in the Twilight: Part Three

Keith Clancy

This part I actually wrote at the same time as one and two, but forgot to post it after some computer troubles. I tried to edit out some of my worst mistakes here, but I was astonished to find how much my writing can change in a years time.

Secrets and Lies

Helen Raine

Short little piece about Lyndsay's character Princess Sorsha of the Epsilon (Epsilon is a planet cursed to have no sun. The moons are the only part that have any sunshine, but as the Immperial Princess, Sorsha isn't allowed to leave the main world until she's married) and her love triangle. Poor Sorsha she has two pretty boys in love with her and she loves them both, whatever will she do? lol

Crimson, Chapter 8

Alyssa Green

The after math of a hectic night. I dunno. I'm not that good at coming up with descriptions.


Isabelle L Davis

After battling the evil harpy queen, the Daemonslayers make an overnight stopoff that soon turns to disaster when it transpires the cantankerous cursed dragon Blackjack has not been entirely straight with his lycanthrope companions Shade and Soul. A tale of secrets, alcohol and unsavoury characters.


Kelsi Dick

A myth we had to write for English class. I would really like it, except I think there's a large piece missing out of the middle. Maybe someday I'll get around to writing it.

Room of No Strangers p-04

Lauren Blewett

Part 4 - plot continues to unravel, much is learned in *ahem* history class.

The Professor’s Findings

M. Okma

A creepy look into the world of fairies...What are they hiding and how far are they willing to go to protect their secrets?

Chapter 2: Clandestine

Laurie McCombs

Neana finds out a bit of her past and her mother. Clarisse comes into play and keep in mind, Ms. Kinder isn't who she seems. er, for all of you who dont know clandestine means 'secrets' and it definetly fits this chapter.

Night of the Hunter

Amy Williams

Rythm and heat pounds against pavement where blood counts as currency and love proves fickle. Part one of a work in process... Written 2000-2001

First Awakening

James Spaid

This was a story / pic trade with the multi talented Flynn Firewing of the Gryphon's Guild. It was created for her as a prelude to a story of her own, yet is still an interesting read by itself. A historical fantasy tale of secrets and answers, of friendship and loss, of adventure and vengence. I unfortunately rushed the end, but I still think that it came out well. All characters are copyright Flynn Firewing.

The Hunter, Part 3

Pau Czar

The third part to the Hunter series! Readers, please note: there will be no new posts during November due to NaNoWriMo.

Powers that Divide Chapter 14

Suzanne Collins

Della is more than ever on her guard, and Grendian reveals a shocking truth.

Tiger's Tale - Chapter 2

Leah Kresl


The Children of Nexus - Chapter 3

Nicholas Turner

- Bonds of Trust -Terrina takes a chance and reveals a secret about herself and her family that catches Damien by surprise.

The Forbidden Children: Chapter 14

Samantha Fortier

They have arrived at Hogmanay. They split up Melody, Amolas, and Sydor visit the temple while Dameon and Pamela scout out a place to stay. Sydor and the others meet someone.

Chapter 1: Meet the Family

Brianne Hughes

In this part of the story, you are introduced to the main character and her family. You are also given hints of the world she lives in and what her magical powers may be. Comments and Critiques highly encouraged- an ongoing project... will take a while to finish but I need all the help I can get :D

'Sanguine' Prologue

Amanda Braton

An introduction to the main character Aurie, as well as the beginning of the book.

Child of Eidolon. Chapter2 - Intrigue

Isabelle L Davis

The Daemonslayers find themselves as reluctant guests at the Royal Court. But it seems there is something rotten in Gerhan.

Dragon Sight

Jenna Brager

This story was originally up on a web site called www.18below.com, but now all you happy people can read it.

Kloe of the Amazons 1: My Life.

Jamie Anders

A young girl whom has grown up in the shadows of Amazon Warrioresses. Is she really the shadow or the true Queen? You decide.