David's Swan - part III

Marie Thorsen

This has been some time under way, a part about the early meeting between Mimi and Zée and the launch of..well something.

Last Stand (short story)

Mary Harrison

Here's a story for you. See if you can figure out what happens at the end. ^_^ I apologize for it not making a whole lot of sense. It was really late when I wrote this.

Security Breach

Claire Meixner

The world has changed a lot, no longer to produce the protective o-zone layer artiffical o-zone generators are placed around the globe to protect the earth from the sun's rays. So what happens when a terrorist threatens to destroy the generators with a deadly computer virus, well you bring in the under-dog.


Krista Williams

Alrighty. So...if you've read Trench Coats and Love Notes up to Part XIII (if you haven't, it's amazing and definitely worth your time. So go read it! It's written by Glo 'The Bug' Bowden AKA Hut, and it's AMAZING!!! Besides, you probably won't get a fraction of the jokes used in this story if you haven't. http://www.elfwood.com/libr/g/b/gbowden2/trench_coats_and_love_notes01.htm.html I have her permission to post this.), you know that Groban and Blueshirt have been known to wind-surf in the simulator like mad people. Hut and I were talking on the train one day about it, and I decided to write yet another story based on the coolest team of secret agents ever (you better be thinking of BLT...). Yes, I'm becoming obsessed. Enjoy!

An Indifferent God Ch 1

B. Landon Hurley

Take a look at a science fiction story I'm working on about a race of people able to change their appearance at will...comments welcome!


Crystal Wilford

In the year 2490, Humans have begun hard research into producing genetically engineered Humans. A War upon a Galactic scale has broken out prior to this time. Star Demons, a new race of Plague-Carriers have stumbled upon the small Sol System, finding a new life-form with a weakness to their disease...Humans. Once a Human is infected, the Plague can mutate and infect other Life-Forms. Now the threat of death has hit the entire universe. It's either wipe the Humans out with the entire Sol System as the SDs move into it, or find a Cure. But the Plague spreads rapidly from one ship to the next, infecting stations and colonies. Now, the year is 2497. Humanity is on the brink of extinction. The planet Earth is poisoned, the colonies destroyed. Only a few ships and stations remain, carrying those 'fortunate' enough to survive. However, there is Hope. As Time turns, a break-through is made upon the first successful creation. A perfect soldier, in far more ways than can be imagined. Only one problem...no one asked if their Creation wished to be a Soldier...and no one asked which side, it was really on...