Brutal Pleasure

Jessica Donnelly

Reluctant to change female vamp.

Turned the Grass to Dry--2

Liz Riza

Second chapter, what else can I say?

Danse Macabre

Justin Privé

A short little poem I wrote last year in English class during my Vampire obessession.

The Never Demon (poem)


Good vs Evil is the cliche battle that has been raging on since the beginning of time. Most movies and books major theme is that the good guys will always triumph over evil. But even good guys have a darkness just as bad guys have a speck of light. This poem is about that demon that can lurk inside even the purest of hearts.

Livid Child With A Golden Fringe

Jorieke Savelkouls

Seduced by Lucifer...

Late Summer Leaves

Pete Anderson

This is a short story that I wrote a few weeks back, just sitting alone in my basement apartment. It took me about two or three weeks to realize the double meaning of the title, even though I picked the title my self. I see this as a poet's prose story, and this is the only type of prose I can write with any personal satisfaction.

The Siren's Calling

Kate Inquisition

This is about a Siren who sinks a ship of men by singing (pretty standard)but then ironically feels remorse afterward for the lives she's wasted. (6.4.03)

Give In to Me (Poem)

Tina Andersen

I... honestly don't know why I wrote this. It's strange, I'm not happy with it, but I was told it was good so I'm putting it up. Bah. And, as a quick notice, the genders of the two are left in the dark on purpose, and I'll be happy to hear interpretations... ;)

Assassin Part 3

Fatma Alici

Slowly, as usual, the gods are entangling themselves in eachother's troubles.

Sweet Seduction

Abigail Oakley

A poem about a vampire, an awesome friend helped out with the ending. June, 2002

Forbbiden Fruit

Camille Sabino

This i was inspired by the legends of the Angels that fell from heaven and chose to mate with the women of the earth. When i wrote this i only had one angel in mind.........Sammael aka Lucifer or Satan. He can be such a temptation......right?

Kiss the Poisoned Lips of the Succubus

Stuart Gray

Another college exercise, sensory

Supremacy (final chapter)

Alexandre Laguna

This is a chronicle I'm writting from the end to the beginning. It's about the reencarnation of old and powerful spirits that once battled to dominate Earth. It's a modern story with some fantasy and magical elements.

Eboney Child

Theresa Cargill

This is a little story/poem/thingo that i wrote for my bestie. Its about the most perfect woman in the universe and to me she is!! This goes out to you Elainy baby!!

Jenny: The Elf's Maid

Ashley Wynn

Some male elves have been known to use their natural gifts of enchantment to overcome certain reluctances of members of the other gender. :D And if that doesn't work they might resort to using alcoholic spirits or other mind fogging drugs.


Catherine Smith

Meh I cant title anything. I suck. Anyone wana hire themselves out to me as a titler? I'll pay you ( not in money, cookies. no not real cookies, really you'd work for free, but I'd say nice things about you? Maybe?) I wanted a mermaid story and so I wrote one and I was going to make her be all innocent and sad and stuff but I was missing my boyfriend so it got a tad saucy. Trust me I edited very very well! Hee hee ; )

Shadow's Night

Becky Gerdel

This is just a scene from one of my stories.

Succubus 1

Matt Dearden

A drunk looking for 'A good time' is given quite the oposite by a hungry Succubus.


A.k. Solanke

Hmmm, I'm not sure what I was trying to achieve here as this was my first attempt at writing something in this genre. Nevertheless it is supposed to be about a vampire...

The Mortal's Bedazzlement

Robin Schindler

Some mortals need a little convincing before they will give in... This is an old one that I've spiffed up a bit, fixed some of the problems (Like The Significant Capitalizations) and some of the inappropriate archaic verse (though there's still a fair amount there). (2006)